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6.1 Summary

This section considers the development of an exposure assessment of Salmonella in broiler chickens. Initially, a general framework and the data requirements for such an assessment are considered. Data collected during the course of this work is then presented, and its usefulness for inclusion within an exposure assessment is discussed. Using appropriate data, an exposure assessment model is then developed. This model is general in nature, rather than being representative of any particular country or region. It is parameterized using two categories of data - country-specific data and general data - and these types are highlighted at the appropriate place in the model description. The output from the model is the probability of exposure by two routes: an undercooked serving of chicken, and cross-contamination resulting from preparation of that serving. For each of these routes, the number of organisms is also an output. These outputs are used to undertake a risk characterization, described in the next Chapter.

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