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Some useful Web sites

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), AQUASTAT
Provides data on the state of water resources across the world, including an online database on water and agriculture, GIS, maps, etc.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), FAOSTAT
Time series records covering production, trade, food balance sheets, fertilizer and pesticides, land use and irrigation, forest and fishery products, population, agricultural machinery, etc.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Fisheries Global Information System (FIGIS)
Global fishery statistics on production, capture production, aquaculture production, fishery commodity production and trade, and fishing fleets.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Food Insecurity
Provides information on the state of food insecurity in the world and on global and national efforts.

International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Water for Agriculture
Provides information on issues related to water for agriculture: research activities, list of publications and links. This site is part of a larger site that houses information on a plethora of water management-related topics, such as the environment, health, etc.

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), WAICENT
FAO's information portal: this is a programme for improving access to documents, statistics, maps and multimedia resources.