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Warren Feek is Director of The Communication Initiative. He has also worked with UNICEF as lead on Health and HIV/AIDS Communication in New York, with The Commonwealth Secretariat as Director of Programmes related to young people, and with a major New Zealand Non Governmental Organization. He is a New Zealander living in Canada with his partner and 3 children.

Chris Morry is Programme Director of The Communication Initiative. He has also worked for Oxfam Canada where he was the Country Representative in Namibia responsible for programmes focused on NGO capacity building, agricultural development and rural health care. He now lives in Canada with his family.

The writing and preparation of this book has been a collaborative effort from the beginning. There are many people who helped us by allowing us to use their experiences in the field, there are others who helped point us towards essential reading and documentation, still others read portions of the document for us and offered advice and useful criticism. We thank all of you for helping make this a better book than it would have been without you while exonerating all of you from any role in its failings.

At FAO we would particularly like to thank Loy Van Crowder and Mario Acunzo who provided great support throughout the process and critical thinking when we needed it. We would also like to thank Denise Gray-Felder, Brian Byrd and their colleagues at the Rockefeller Foundation for their insight on social change in action, Adelaida Trujillo, Raphael Obregon, and Alfonso Gumucio Dagron for reading and commenting on the entire document. It is better for their input though they share no blame for its short commings. Others who provided us with information and/or read and commented on portions of the documents are Brian T. B. Jones, Kitty Warnock, Claire Thompson, Luz Marina Rizo, Juan Carlos Cruz, Lyes Ferroukhi, and Victor Ananias. Thanks also to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) who helped us locate some of the documents used in the book and a special thanks to several people at Kothmale radio who provided us with important updated information on their work, to the team at GreenCOM who provided significant and useful input, to Freedom Nyamubaya for writing and let us use her poetry, and to all those of you whom we have not mentioned but probably should have.

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