FC 98/INF/2

Finance Committee

Ninety-eighth Session

Rome, 21 January 2002

Provisional Timetable

Mexico Room (D-211)


Mexico Room (D-211)
21 January 09.30 hours Item 1
Adoption of the Provisional Agenda and Timetable (docs. FC 98/1 and FC 98/INF/1)
Item 2
Election of Vice-Chairman
Item 3
Level of Financial Investment and WFP's Financial Investment Policy (doc. WFP/EB.1/2002/4-A/1)
Item 4
Summary of the Surplus Funds from Closed Projects Identified during the Migration to WINGS (doc. WFP/EB.1/2002/4-B/1)
Item 5
Date and Place of the Ninety-ninth Session
15.30 hours Adoption of the Report of the Finance Committee Meeting