Rome, Italy, 9 June 2002


Meeting Arrangements

  1. The follow-up meeting of the 22nd FAO Regional Conference for Africa will be held at the Headquarters of FAO on 9 June 2002. The inaugural ceremony will take place at 9.00 hours on 9 June 2002.

  2. The normal working time for the meeting will be from 9.00 hours to 12.00 hours and from 14.00 hours to17.00 hours, unless otherwise decided by the meeting.

  3. The Provisional Annoted Agenda ARC/FLW/02/INF/1 is available at the document distribution desk.

  4. FAO will provide the Secretary of the meeting, assisted by a number of FAO staff.

Working Languages

  1. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.


  1. The working document has been sent to all invited governments and organizations, prior to the meeting. Documents drafted during the meeting will be available at the documents distribution desk outside the meeting hall. The desk staff will also deliver mail and messages as well as cater for general inquiries.

Draft recommendations and amendments

  1. Delegates who wish to submit draft recommendations or other documents requiring a decision by the meeting are requested to hand their texts in Arabic, English, French or Spanish to the meeting Secretary, if possible in three typewritten copies. Delegates wishing to circulate other written material related to the Agenda of the meeting are requested to deliver 15 copies in Arabic, 30 copies in English and French and 5 copies in Spanish to the Secretariat for distribution.

Advance communications of text of speeches and statements

  1. When prepared speeches or statements are to be made, it would help the Secretariat and ensure accuracy in interpretation, if the typed copies of the texts were handed to the Secretariat of the meeting beforehand.

  2. All correspondence concerning the follow-up meeting should be addressed to:

The Conference Secretary

Mr T.B. Tshibaka
Secretary of the 22nd Regional Conference for Africa
Room D757, FAO
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy
Fax: 0039 06 570 55107
Tel: 00 39 06 5705 4636
E-mail: [email protected]

Information on arrangements before and during the meeting: Visa, Hotel reservations, registration and others facilities

  1. For detail information, the participants are kindly invited to read WFS:fyl Information Note No 2.

  2. The follow-up meeting secretariat will issue a Provisional List of participants on the day of the meeting. The secretariat should be notified of any corrections or additions to this list


  1. The cloakroom is located on the first floor of Building A.

Catering Facilities

  1. A bar is located between the ground floor of buildings A and B. Lunch will be offered by FAO in the cafeteria located on the 8th floor of building B from 12:15 hours.

Medical Emergencies

  1. Medical and first aid services will be available at the meeting premises. In case of medical emergencies, dial 30 from within the building and 06-570 53400 from outside the building or go to building B (on the first floor) office no. 165.

  2. The participants who need to make telephone calls during the Conference should buy a telephone card at the “tabaccaio” (tobacco shop) or at the newspaper stand.