Teak (Tectona Grandis) in Central America

Based on the work in 1998 of
R.V. De Camino
M.M. Alfaro
L.F.M Sage

Edited by M. Varmola

May 2002

Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department
Working Paper FP/19
FAO, Rome (Italy)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents





1 Teak in Central America

2 Reforested area in the region

3 Physiological and technical issues

3.1 Bio-ecological requirements and growth
3.2 Plantation management system

4 Political, legal and institutional aspects

4.1 Legal Framework
4.2 Forest plantations promotion policies

4.2.1 Costa Rica
4.2.2 Panama
4.2.3 El Salvador

5 Economic aspects

5.1 Financing schemes for reforestation

5.1.1 International investment
5.1.2 State incentives

5.2 Establishment and maintenance costs

5.2.1 Plantations done by the landowner
5.2.2 Plantations done by contractors

5.3 Markets and prices

5.3.1 Plantations
5.3.2 Standing timber for local consumption
5.3.3 Timber (logs)
5.3.4 Sawnwood

5.4 Income expectations

6 Potential for the expansion of the areas planted with teak

6.1 Costa Rica
6.2 Panama
6.3 El Salvador
6.4 Guatemala
6.5 Nicaragua
6.6 Honduras
6.7 Recommendations


Appendix 1. Reforested area with teak and other species in Central American countries

Appendix 2. Information on teak growth

Appendix 3. Flor y Fauna S.A., Costa Rica Reforestation Program

Appendix 4. Maderas Preciosas Costa Rica S.A., Reforestation Program

Appendix 5. Reforestation Project of Bosque Puerto Carillo S.A. Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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