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The State of the World's Forests 2003 is the result of extensive collaboration and teamwork among people from within and outside FAO. Special thanks go to R. McConnell, on loan to FAO from the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada. As one of her assignments, she compiled and edited the document, working closely with authors and advisers.

Appreciation is also extended to J.B. Ball, an FAO retiree, for his guidance, and to FAO staff and consultants who provided information, wrote pieces or reviewed drafts: H. Abdel-Nour; G. Allard; C. Brown; C.M. Carneiro; F. Castañeda; J. Carle; A. Contreras-Hermosilla; A. del Lungo; J. Douglas; O. Dubois; P. Durst; H. Gregersen; K. Govil; T. Hofer; P. Holmgren; W. Killmann; D. Kneeland; P. Kone; L. Ljungman; M. Malagnoux; M. Martin; A. Mathias; D. Mead; T. Michaelsen; M. Morell; C. Palmberg-Lerche; E. Pepke; F. Romano; V. Sasse; S. Sadio; E.-H. Sène; D. Schoene; P. Sigaud; T. Vahanen; P. van Lierop; S. Walter; A. Whiteman; M. Wilkie; D. Williamson.

FAO is also grateful to those who contributed chapters in Part II: W. Sunderlin, A. Angelsen and S. Wunder, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), for “Forests and poverty alleviation”; K. Brooks, University of Minnesota, United States, and M. Achouri, FAO, for “Sustainable use and management of freshwater resources: the role of forests”; J. McNeely, World Conservation Union (IUCN), for “How sustainable use of forests can contribute to conserving biological diversity”; J. Burley, International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO), and C.T.S. Nair, FAO, for “Science and technology in the forest sector: widening gaps and narrowing options”; and A. Whiteman, FAO, for “Recent trends in fiscal policies in the forest sector in Africa”. Thanks also to A. Lipkis, TreePeople, who submitted the box on new partnerships in urban forest watershed management; and to C. Danks, for the box on community forestry in the United States.

FAO appreciates the dedication and valuable advice of members of the Internal and External Advisory Committees: M. Coulombe, H. Gregersen, J. Griffiths, C. Holding-Anyonge, D. Kaimowitz, G. Kowero, J.-P. Lanly, M. de Montalembert, C. Oliver, M. Paveri, C. Prins, A. Razak, R. Seppälä, M. Simula, O. Souvannavong and T. Vahanen.

A. Perlis, L. Wearne, B. Moore and the staff of the FAO Publishing Management Service provided editorial and production support. Layout and graphics were done by F. Dicarlo.

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