COAG/2003/4b-Corr.1 (English only)



Seventeenth Session

Rome, 31 March-4 April 2003

Preliminary Information on Programme of Work Proposals for 2004-05

Item 4 of the Provisional Agenda


The paragraph 101 should read as follows:

251P4 - Secretariat of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the CGIAR

101. Planned Outputs for 2004-05

    1. assessment of evolving needs for scientific research tied to increased crop productivity and improved food security, identification of priorities and assistance to policy formulation;
    2. assessment of quality on the basis of results of regular and periodic External Programme and Management Reviews of individual CGIAR1 Centres, as well as system-wide programmes; and
    3. reports on strategic studies and external reviews and synthesis of meeting discussions, together with posting of the Interim Science Council (ISC)-related information on the ISC Website.


1 Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research