Ossiach, AUSTRIA, June 2001


The Workshop was held in Ossiach, Austria, from 18 to 24 June 2001, under the auspices of the Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training with the participation of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations

Hosted by the Government of Austria at the Forestry Training Centre, Ossiach

Edited by
Ulrich Arzberger and Madeline Grimoldi


The papers in this publication were presented at the Workshop on New Trends in Wood Harvesting with Cable Systems for Sustainable Forest Management in the Mountains which was held from 18 to 24 June 2001 at the Forestry Training Centre in Ossiach (Austria) at the invitation of the Government of Austria and under the auspices of the Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training.

This publication contains the papers submitted at the Workshop and is preceded by the Report on the Workshop that was adopted at its conclusion. This Workshop Report in English was translated into French and Russian and these translations are also included. The papers are presented in the language provided by their authors (mostly English) with summaries in the other two languages for most of the papers.

All opinions expressed in these papers are those of the authors. The organizers and the secretariat of the Joint Committee cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any statistics or statements included in the papers. These papers appear as presented by the authors with the exception of later corrections and editorial revisions.

Several specific conclusions and recommendations were made in the Workshop Report. The recommendations are addressed specifically to the:

Support and funding for the Workshop and this publication were provided by FAO and the Government of Austria through a Trust Fund.

Joachim Lorbach
Forest Harvesting, Trade and Marketing Branch (FOPH)
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Rome, 2003

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Report of the Workshop

Rapport du séminaire

Report of the Workshop (in Russian)

Papers contributed to the Workshop/Documents présentés au séminaire:

Sustainable forest management as a basis for a steady supply of high quality wood and lumber: An introduction to Austrian forestry (Gerhard Mannsberger, Austria)

Forestry in Carinthia (Christoph Habsburg-Lothringen, Austria)

Activities and programmes of the Austrian Chambers of Agriculture and Forestry for Forestry in Austria (Thomas Stemberger, Austria)

IUFRO Programme on Global Forest Information (Heinrich Schmutzenhofer, Austria)

Forest cableways in Shelterwood System (Přemysl Horek and Pavel Mauer, Czech Republic)

Aspects of mechanical engineering for cable systems (Walter Huettner, Austria)

Multicriteria evaluation of thinning operations on steep terrain (Karl Stampfer and Manfred J. Lexer, Austria)

Optimal line lengths when skidding wood with the Syncrofalke Cable Crane in Slovenian conditions (Boštjan Košir, Slovenia)

Skyline yarding distance modelling for logging in mountains (Ján Tuček and Erich Pacola, Slovakia)

Time analyses on Koller K300 Cable System on difficult terrain in Turkey (Tolga Óztúrk, Turgay Aykut and Hulusi Acar, Turkey)

Costs and performance of a Koller K300 Yarder (Gerhard Rieger, Germany)

Work performance of Koller K300 Cable System on difficult terrain in Turkey (Metin Tunay and Kenan Melemez, Turkey)

Gantner Skyline for timber extraction in Turkish forestry (Mehmet Eker, Hulusi Acar, Ali Karaman and Sadik Çağlar, Turkey)

Cable logging opportunities in the Appalachian Mountains (Rien Visser, Shawn Baker and Hank Sloan, United States of America)

Helicopter logging in the Slovak Republic (Valeria Messingerová, Slovak Republic)

The forest machine CD-Rom (Wilfried Pröll, Austria)

Careful, quiet timber forwarding with plastic chutes (Wilfried Pröll, Austria)

Winch uses in work with extralight cable systems in south-central Italy (Sanzio Baldini, Paolo Calvani and Rodolfo Picchio, Italy)

Timber extraction technologies in Croatian mountainous selection forests (Ante Krpan, Tomislav Porsinsky and Marijan Susnjar, Croatia)

Timber production is changing - demands and changes in Austria (Hubert Dürrstein, Austria)

Efficiency problems in harvesting small-dimensional wood (Paul N. Efthymiou, Greece)

Production of fuel chips from logging residue at cable landings (Raffaele Spinelli, Carla Nati and Piergiorgio Fabbri, Italy)

Relation between forest roads and extraction machines in sustainable forest management (Dragutin Pičman, Tibor Pentek and Tomislav Poršinsky, Croatia)

Cable crane utilization in the close-to-nature silviculture in the Upper Piave River Valley (Raffaele Cavalli, Bruno De Benedet and Giuseppe Menegus, Italy)

Implementation of cable logging requirements in environmentally sound road construction (Robert Robek and Mirko Medved, Slovenia)

Characteristics of cable yarding system application in the Ukrainian Carpathians (Anatoliy Sabadyr and Sergiy Zibtsev, Ukraine)

Current trends in cableway systems in the United Kingdom (Colin J. Saunders, United Kingdom)

Is there a role for cable extraction on low gradient sensitive sites? (Philip M. Owende, Dermot Tiernan, Shane M. Ward and John Lyons, Ireland)

Road management strategies to reduce habitat impacts - a case for engineered cable yarding operations and harvest schedules (Peter Schiess, United States of America)

Approaches to the design of forest cable systems (Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Switzerland)

Optimization of cable harvesting equipment placement and road locations using digital terrain models (Woodam Chung, John Sessions, United States of America, and Hans R. Heinimann, Switzerland)

New algorithms for solving large-scale transportation planning problems (John Sessions, Woodam Chung, United States of America, and Hans R. Heinimann, Switzerland)

Wood harvesting and sustainable forest management in Morocco (Mohammed Ellatifi, Morocco)

Communal forest management in Chiquiaca, Bolivia (Gabriela Gutiérrez Pérez, Bolivia)

Forestry operations in Cajamarca, Peru (Luis A. Novoa Robles, Peru)

Presentation of the Austrian Federal Forests Joint Stock Company and the Millstatt Enterprise (Günther Tragatschnig, Austria)

The use of cable cranes in South Tyrol in the light of recent legislation (Claudio Pollini and Josef Schmiedhofer, Italy)

The basis for productivity improvement in cable harvesting from human resources (John Garland, United States of America)

Occupational safety and health of forestry workers, cable harvesting in Turkey (Seca Gandaseca and Tetsuhiko Yoshimura, Japan, and Hulusi Acar, Turkey)

Employment of contractors in cable crane operations in Austria (Hubertus Fladl and Johannes Loschek, Austria)

Development of mechanized logging (Johannes Loschek, Austria)

View of the contractor for forest companies (Anton Streif, Austria)

Natural forest protection programme and timber supply and demand in China (Xie Shouxin, P.R. China)

Techniques for sustainable multifunctional management of mountain forests: The case of the French and Italian Alps (Didier Pischedda, JeanLuc Chagnon, Dominique Leclerc, Murièle Millot, Eric Mermin, and Christophe Chauvin, France)

List of participants