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EAF management processes


This section provides guidelines for producing and revising management plans within EAF. The management plan should be a formal or informal arrangement between a fishery management authority and stakeholders and should have the following components:

The process of developing and modifying an EAF management plan requires a series of iterative steps, as illustrated in the Figure below. An outline of these steps is provided in the Appendix to this Handbook. While in many cases, sufficient capacity and data will not be available to address all points, the processes outlined are still relevant and will assist in developing effective plans.

The process that should be followed in developing and implementing a management plan for an ecosystem approach to fisheries. The numbers refer to the sections explaining each step in the FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries. No. 4, Suppl. 2. The ecosystem approach to fisheries. Rome, FAO. 2003.112p.

It is recommended that there are at least two components to the plan - a higher-level three - to five-year component that states the broad management objectives and measures to achieve them, and another short-term component that specifies the annual cycle of setting and reviewing specific operational objectives, indicators and performance measures.

The importance of consultation
It is imperative that stakeholders are included in all stages of the process through consultation and participation. Stakeholder involvement needs to represent the breadth of views, without the group becoming unmanageably large. Issues related to stakeholder capacity and commitment will also need to be carefully addressed, and formal, transparent and accountable processes set up to allow all parties to work cooperatively. In some cases, logistic constraints may mean that stakeholder inclusion is limited; in these cases, great care will be needed to maintain transparency, credibility and to ensure stakeholder ownership of the outcomes.


Effective consultation is always essential to ensure good outcomes and compliance: consulting with stakeholders in the shrimp and groundfish fisheries of Trinidad and Venezuela.

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