Case studies in fisheries self-governance

FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 504

Case studies in fisheries

edited by
R. Townsend
Ministry of Fisheries
Wellington, New Zealand

Ross Shotton
Senior Fishery Resources Officer
Aquaculture Management and Conservation Service
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Division
FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
Rome, Italy


H. Uchida
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, United States of America

Rome, 2008

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Townsend, R.; Shotton, R.; Uchida, H. (eds).
Case studies in fisheries self-governance.
FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 504. Rome, FAO. 2008. 451p.


This FAO Fisheries Technical Paper documents 32 case studies and four syntheses (Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States of America) on the role of industry in the governance and management of fisheries. The studies are drawn from ongoing practice in Europe, North America, Japan and Australasia. The types of fisheries cover those for crustaceans, fish, molluscs and echinoderms. In general the scale of the fisheries tends to be small, which has been one of the reasons attributed to their success. In all but one case it is clear that well-defined fishery rights have contributed to the success of the programmes though the initiative for development and adoption of the programmes covers a range of institutional causes. The case studies are intended to inform and provide potential models that may be used in other fisheries.


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Fisheries self-governance:new directions (129 kb)
in fisheries management
R. Townsend and R. Shotton

Tenure rights and stewardship of marine resources (360 kb)
in fisheries management
H. Eggert and M. Ulmestrand

Self-regulation of the Danish matjes herring fishery (195 kb)
from success to collapse
J. Raakjr Nielsen and C. Olesen

Sea-ranching in the Bay of Brest (France): technical change (249 kb)
and institutional adaptation of a scallop fishery
F. Alban and J. Boncoeur

Rights based management in the United Kingdom (229 kb)
the Shetland experience
J. Anderson

The self-governance in the Celtic Sea Spanish fishery (253 kb)
M. Dolores Garza-Gil and M.M. Varela-Lafuente

A sea urchin dive fishery managed by exclusive (381 kb)
fishing areas
R.J. Miller

Community inshore company development as a means (565 kb)
of support for fishing community governance
F.G. Peacock and M. Eagles

Community management in the inshore groundfish (191 kb)
fishery on the Canadian Scotian Shelf
F.G. Peacock and Christina Annand

The evolution of management in Canadas offshore (314 kb)
scallop fishery
G. Stevens, G. Robert, L. Burke, E. Poullioux, D. Roussel and J.R. Wilson

The joint planning agreement experience in Canada (91 kb)
J. R. Wilson

Complexities of collaboration in fisheries management: (500 kb)
the northeast United States tilefish fishery
B. Rountree, A. Kitts and Patricia Pinto da Silva

The Punta Allen lobster fishery: current status and (302 kb)
recent trends
E. Sosa-Cordero, M.L.A. Liceaga-Correa and J.C. Seijo

Walleye pollack (Suketoudara) fishery management in (475 kb)
the Hiyama region of Hokkaido, Japan
H. Uchida and M. Watanobe

Fishery management and the pooling arrangement (437 kb)
in the Sakuraebi fishery in Japan
H. Uchida and O. Baba

Sandfish resource co-management in Akita Prefecture, Japan (246 kb)
S. Suenaga

Sandeel fisheries governance in Ise Bay, Japan (508 kb)
M. Tomiyama, T. Komatsu and M. Makino

Marine protected areas for the snow crab bottom (368 kb)
fishery off Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
M. Makino

Japanese coastal fishery co-management: an overview (95 kb)
H. Uchida and M. Makino

Co-management in the Exmouth Gulf Prawn Fishery (1,066 kb)
with comparison to the Shark Bay Prawn Fishery
M. Kangas, E. Sporer, S. ODonoghue and S. Hood

Towards self-management for the Western King Prawn (181 kb)
Fishery in Spencer Gulf, South Australia
W. Zacharin, C. Dixon and M. Smallridge

Cooperative management in the Queensland Finfish (352 kb)
(Stout Whiting) Trawl Fishery
A. Thwaites and Claire Andersen

Self governance in New Zealands developmental fisheries: (183 kb)
deep-sea crabs
M. L. Soboil and A. Craig

Industry management within the New Zealand quota management (481 kb)
system: the Orange Roughy Management Company
G. Clement, R. Wells and Charmaine Marie Gallagher

Rock lobster management in New Zealand: the development of (487 kb)
devolved governance
Tracy Yandle

New Zealands Challenger Scallop Enhancement Company: (296 kb)
from reseeding to self-governance
R. Mincher

Assessing the road towards self-governance in New Zealands (187 kb)
commercial fisheries
M. Harte

The Chignik Salmon Cooperative (211 kb)
G. Knapp

The Alaskan weathervane scallop cooperative (213 kb)
T. Brawn and K. Scheirer

Rent generation in the Alaskan pollock conservation cooperative
(240 kb)
J. E. Wilen and E. J. Richardson

The legal context of United States fisheries management (121 kb)
and the evolution of rights-based management in Alaska
K.R. Criddle

The evolution of co-management in the British Columbia (702 kb)
red sea urchin fishery
M. Featherstone and Juanita Rogers

Co-operative management of the geoduck and horse-clam (259 kb)
fishery in British Columbia
Michelle James

Co-management of Canadas Pacific sablefish fishery (224 kb)
C. Sporer

A fishermens agreement and co-op in Yaquina Bay roe herring (183 kb)
D.R. Leal

Achievements of the Pacific whiting conservation cooperative: (416 kb)
rational collaboration in a sea of irrational competition
G. Sylvia, H. Munro Mann and C. Pugmire

Management of the loco (Concholepas concholepas) as a driver (574 kb)
for self-governance of small-scale benthic fisheries in Chile
J. Carlos Castilla and S. Gelcich