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Many have played an important role in all the different stages of the preparation of this study, its implementation and the final analysis and write-up.

The staff of the Provincial Office of the Department of Fisheries in Siem Reap, Tim Sarath in particular, did a marvellous job collecting data, together with the staff of the Participatory natural resources management in Tonle Sap region project (GCP/CMB/002/BEL). Their eagerness to learn and their determination to maintain the high levels of scientific rigour required for a study such as this contributed to the value and validity of the data, the results and - most importantly - of the modest contribution this study may make to a durable management of the rich resources of the Tonle Sap.

I am indebted to Director Nao Thuok and Deputy Director Sam Nouv of the Cambodian Department of Fisheries for sharing information and facilitating the progress of the study.

Among those who have contributed through their critical questioning and tough discussions to my understanding of the ecology of the flooded forest, I am particularly indebted to Taber Hand and to Heiko Seilert.

Patrick Evans, Rob Overtoom and Eleanor Briggs kindly provided photographs. I am grateful to Etienne Delattre for the GIS data analysis.

Chavalit Vittayanon of the Department of Fisheries of Thailand, kindly allowed me to use his photographs on fish taxonomy.

Chieng Sisovin and Patcharee Chadpool did an excellent job meticulously entering the data for processing.

Funding for this study was provided by the Belgian Directorate General for International Cooperation through the mentioned project and by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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