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A fishpond operation needs the following buildings and equipment:

6.1 Farmhouse

- Fishpond caretakers stay permanently in the fishpond area so they are provided with a house. On small farms, like a one-hectare fishpond, the operator or owner is usually also the caretaker. The caretaker's house located near the main gate so that the caretaker can take care of water management. Other caretaker house may be constructed in strategic places of the fishpond for purposes of security.

6.2 Storehouse

- A storehouse or bodega is needed in a fishpond operation to to have a place where supplies, equipment and farm implements can be kept. In small fishpond operations, part of the caretaker's house may be utilized for this purpose.

6.3 Working shed

- A working shed is needed in a fishpond operation; in some cases on small fishponds, this is a part of the storehouse or farmhouse. Mending of nets or construction of gate screens is done in the work shed.

6.4 Boats

- Watercrafts needed in fishpond operations are:

  1. Motorboat - is needed on fishponds located far from town where the# only means of transportation to procure supplies or marketing of the product is by sea or river.

  2. Paddle banca - is needed in various work in the fishpond such as repair of dikes or harvesting of fish.

6.5 Pumps

- Pumps either engine, electrical, or wind driven are important equipment on a fishpond. Pumps can be used in supplying water to a pond when tidewater cannot flow in or to drain water when the pond bottom is below the zero tide mark.

6.6 Nets - A fishpond should have at least two sets of nets: a short one for use in the nursery for catching fingerlings to be transferred, and a long net for use in harvesting fish in the rearing pond.

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