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Oliver A. Ryder

The wild horse of the Asian steppe was first described to western scientists by Poliakov in 1881. The considerable interest that this significant discovery created ultimately resulted in the capture of Przewalski's horse foals, their transfer to captive environments, subsequent acclimatization, and successful captive breeding. Many zoologists were fascinated by this unique creature but, were it not for the dedicated efforts of the early owners and breeders of Przewalski's horses they would almost surely be extinct today.

All Przewalski's horses living today in captivity trace their ancestry to twelve animals brought out of Mongolia at the turn of the century and a single mare captured in 1947. Growth of the captive population was at first slow and the population numbers declined severely during World War II. The dedicated interest of zoologist Dr. Erna Mohr resulted in the publication of the first Pedigree Book of the Przewalski's Horse. International Symposia have been held to consider the biology of this endangered species beginning in 1959. Following the publication of the first Pedigree Book by Dr. Mohr in Prague, Czechoslovakia zoo has maintained the studbook under the direction of Dr. Jiri Volf. The initial studbook and the annual update of new information have set a standard for all subsequent studbooks.

A studbook is a historical record of births, deaths and parentage of individuals. Although many extremely useful tools for genetic analysis are available now it is still the case that the single most powerful tool for genetic analysis is studbook data. Thus the numerous volumes of the Pedigree Book of Equus przewalskii constitute one of the most sophisticated and useful records of long-term captive breeding.

Aspects of analysis of studbook data such as the calculation of demographic parameters suggest the growth potential of captive populations. Other calculations based upon pedigree data are reflections of the degree to which the genetic contributions of individuals brought into captivity have been assimilated into subsequent generations of captive individuals. The techniques and methodologies of pedigree analysis are a continuing focus of medical scientists and zoologists. For very few species of large mammals do pedigree data exist over ten or more generations. Consequently the application of new and sophisticated genetic analysis techniques provides additional insights concerning the extent to which captive populations may differ from the free-living populations from which they were derived.


The growth of the captive population of Przewalski's horses has been thoroughly documented by Studbookkeeper Dr. Volk and elaboration has been provided by Bouman, Foose and others. The captive population is growing at a sufficient rate that significant new collections of Przewalski's horses have been established in Asia and Australia while, at the same time, substantial increases in the sizes of collections have taken place at institutions that have long histories of propagating the species. It is growing increasingly clear that Przewalski's horse individuals surplus to the requirements for adequate conservation of the species ex situ are now available in limited numbers and that in a few short years substantial numbers of individuals will be available for appropriate restoration and reintroduction projects. The relatively large numbers of individuals in the younger age classes of the world population of Equus przewalskii suggest that sufficient numbers of animals for establishing an appropriate programme of restoration of the species to its historic range in the People's Republic of Mongolia will be available (Figure 1). The broad base of the age distribution suggests that, under continued patterns of reproduction such as have been occurring recently, the population is capable of rapid expansion.


The early history of breeding Przewalski's horses in captivity was greatly influenced by the significance of domestic horsepower for human societies. Numerous governmental and non-governmental institutions were interested in the possibility of producing superior domestic horses and, considering this background, it is not at all surprising that numerous hybrids between Equus przewalskii and E. caballus were created. Fortunately, only one documented hybrid is depicted in the International Studbook. Similarly, selective inbreeding has long been recognized as an important tool for the agricultural breeder. It is not unexpected that the early breeding of Przewalski's horses included matings of close relatives. Furthermore, the pioneering work of modern population geneticists was unavilable to those first owners and breeders of Przewalski's horses. The propensity for normally outbreeding populations to suffer losses of vitality (i.e. fitness depression) as a result of consanguineous matings is well documented for mammalian populations. The negative effect may be only transitory and, for those populations able to have sufficient numbers of offspring surviving to produce numerous progeny themselves, the deleterious alleles may be purged. In populations founded by relatively few individuals, inbreeding is unavoidable and some genetically less-fit individuals are expected to succumb. In such small populations low to moderate levels of inbreeding may be necessary in order to avoid population extinction (e.g. Speke's gazelle at St. Louis Zoo, Missouri, USA ([Templeton and Read, in press]).

Avoidance of close inbreeding is generally observed in natural populations of feral horses and other equids. Consequently, to more closely simulate the genetical relationships presumed to have been exhibited by free-living populations of Przewalski's horses as well as to minimize the loss of genetic variability, inbreeding levels should not dramatically increase. Analysis of the world trend in levels of inbreeding as measured by the average coefficients of inbreeding of foals born each year is presented in Figure 2. As the world population grows and with periodic animal transfers among major geographical centres of breeding, e.g. Europe, North America, British Isles, as suggested by Bouman (1979) the worldwide increase in coefficients of inbreeding has been arrested. Since the inception of the Species Survival Plan for the Asian Wild Horse under the auspices of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums a previous trend toward increasingly higher values of coefficients of inbreeding in North American collections has been reversed (Figure 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 1 All institutions - population age structure for species: Przewalski Horse

Fig. 2

Fig. 2 Przewalski horse inbreeding coefficients: yearly trend

Coefficients of inbreeding for all Przewalski's horses listed in the International Studbook issued in Prague on 1 January 1984 are presented in Appendix 1.


The milieu in which much of the captive breeding of Przewalski's horses has occurred included both conscious and unconscious selection. Unconscious selection began when the first foals began to die because they could not, in their wildness, adapt to their surrogate mothers and the journey to the west. Even currently, as in-experienced stallions run into fences and break their necks, unconscious (or unwilling) selection occurs. Conscious selection takes other forms. Some selection of stallions by phenotype has undisputedly occurred. On a worldwide basis there has been a 20-year trend of relative reduction on the genetic contribution of the E. caballus mare (who was the dam of #56, Halle 1) to the gene pool of captive E. przewalskii (Figure 3). During the same period of time there has been a dramatic increase in the relative genetic contribution of the last wild-caught mare, #231 Orlica III (Figure 3). Under common circumstances and for species whose populations are quite small (less than 100) conscious selection should be severely restricted. For other, larger, populations, and for the special case of introgression (in which genes from one species are introduced into another species) some selection against individuals with extreme attributes (“outliers”) or selection for reduction in the overall genetic contribution of the introgressing individual(s) is acceptable (Frankham et al., in press). This is, in fact, the currently occurring worldwide trend for captive E. przewalskii.

The extent to which the selection against the domestic mare has reduced the genetic variation derived from #58 Halle C, the single genetically effective offspring of two wild-caught individuals (#11, Bijsk 1 and #12, Bijsk 2), is a subject of current investigation (MacClure et al., in press; Gilpin et al., in preparation). It should be noted that studies of blood group and electrophoretic variation in Przewalski's horses have indicated that lower average levels of heterozygosity are present in those horses descended from #56 Halle 1 without the incorporation of genetic input from #285, Askania 3, Bars, than are observed among either the descendants of #56 Halle 1 after the introduction of genetic contribution from Bars to the captive gene pool or among the horses lacking genetic input from the domestic mare (Ryder et al. Equus, in press; Ryder et al. 1982).


There is ample documentation establishing the phenotypic diversity of the Przewalski's horses imported from Mongolia (Mohr 1959). Genetic analysis of proteins and DNA from recent generations of Przewalski's horses has readily demonstrated that substantial variability remains within the captive gene pool. It is this reservoir of genetic variation that represents the potential source of adaptive variation upon which natural selective forces will act as individuals are restored to free-living conditions. Consequently, an important aspect of the total effort to preserve Przewalski's horses and restore them to appropriate habitats is the maintenance of genetic variation within the captive gene pool in order that the restoration efforts have the greatest chances for success. The dependence of an established free-living population of Przewalski's horses upon the captive population will not cease until many generations of breeding in nature have occurred. Even at that time it is highly probable that some periodic exchanges of individuals will be considered desirable. Genetic bottlenecks must be anticipated as a result of strong selective forces acting on the reintroduced population as has been demonstrated for the reintroduction of the Arabian oryx (Stanley-Price et al., in press).

Fig. 3

Fig. 3 Przewalski horse founder blood representation

In order to minimize the loss of gene pool resources for captive Przewalski's horses it is desirable to incorporate a relatively greater proportion of males born in one generation as sires of the next generation. For example three living stallions had sired 133 foals as of 1 January 1982 whereas some stallions with comodious pedigrees are underrepresented or not represented at all in subsequent generations. A listing of the reproductive contributions of all stallions having sired offspring listed in the studbook from its inception until 1 January 1982 appears in Appendix II.

Rather than placing single stallions in many small zoos with inadequate exercise space for Przewalski's horses, several new male-only groupings have been created in zoos in the British Isles and the United States. One new stallion group at Woburn Abbey re-establishes the species at one of the historical sites of early captive breeding success. Such groupings probably more closely reflect the natural groupings of adolescent males occurring in free-living populations of other equids. Care must be taken in the creation of all-male groups. Factors such as the relatedness of the colts, the age differential among individuals, and animal density must be taken into consideration. Even so, fighting and occasional injury may occur.


Following Poliakov's identification of the Mongolian wild horse as a species distinct from domestic horses in 1881, controversy surrounded the systematic status of the wild horse of Mongolia. The discovery that the diploid chromosome number of E. przewalskii differs from that of domestic horses provided new insights into the systematic differentiation of the two taxa (Benirschke and Malouf 1966). More recently, blood grouping analysis, electrophoretic studies and comparative studies of DNA have added further information concerning the genetic differentiation of Przewalski's and domestic horses (Ryder et al. in press; Ryder et al. 1979; Ryder et al. 1981; Ryder et al. 1982). A comparison of mitochondrial DNA restriction maps of E. przewalskii (representing three separate female founders) and E. caballus suggests the extent of divergence of their mitochondrial genomes is not indicative of a recent close genetic relationship. These data rather suggest that it was well before humans domesticated wild horses that Przewalski's horses and the wild ancestors of domestic horses had diverged from a common ancestor (George and Ryder 1983; George and Ryder, submitted for publication).


The contributions of The Canyon Colorado Equid Sanctuary, Wagon Mound, New Mexico (USA) in the form of computer-generated studbook analyses (represented by Figures 1, 2 and 3 as well as Appendix I) are gratefully acknowledged. This work was supported by NIH grant GM23073, the Zoological Society of San Diego, and the Ceasar Kleberg Foundation.


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et seq.


FOR SPECIES: Przewalski Horse

10001KOBDO 1.000
20002KOBDO 2.000
30003KOBDO 3.000
40004KOBDO 4.000
50005KOBDO 5.000
60006KOBDO 6.000
70007KOBDO 7.000
80008MOSKVA 1.000
90009MOSKVA 2.000
110010MOSKVA 3.000
120011BIJSK 1.000
130012BIJSK 2.000
140013BIJSK 3.000
150014BIJSK 4.000
160015BIJSK 5.000
170016BIJSK 6.000
180017BIJSK 7.000
190018BIJSK 8.000
200019BIJSK 9.000
210020BIJSK 10.000
220021BIJSK 11.000
230022BIJSK 12.000
240023BIJSK 13.000
250024BIJSK 14.000
260025BIJSK 15.000
270026BIJSK 16.000
280027BIJSK 17.000
290028BIJSK 18.000
300029BIJSK 19.000
310030BIJSK 20.000
320031BIJSK 21.000
330032BIJSK 22.000
340033BIJSK 23.000
350034BIJSK 24.000
360035BIJSK 25.000
370036BIJSK 26.000
380037BIJSK 27.000
390038BIJSK 28.000
400211WOBURN 6.000
410212WOBURN 7.000
420039BIJSK A.000
430040BIJSK B.000
440041BIJSK C.000
450042BIJSK D.000
460043BIJSK E.000
470044BIJSK F.000
480045BIJSK G.000
490046BIJSK H.000
500047BIJSK J.000
510048BIJSK K.000
520049BIJSK L.000
530050KOBDO A.000
540051KOBDO B.000
550052KOBDO C.000
560053KOBDO D.000
570054KOBDO E.000
580206WOBURN 1.000
590421ASKANIA K.000
600056HALLE 1.000
610055HALLE A.000
620422ASKANIA L.000
630057HALLE B.000
640423ASKANIA M.000
650058HALLE C.000
660203GOOILUST 1.000
670100YORK 1.000
680424ASKANIA N.000
690124PARIS 1.000
700204GOOILUST 2.000
710425ASKANIA O.000
720426ASKANIA P.000
730101YORK 2.000
740113CINC 1.000
750059HALLE 2.125
760102YORK 3.250
770427ASKANIA R.000
780103YORK 4.000
790205GOOILUST 3.000
800428ASKANIA S.000
810060HALLE 3.125
820429ASKANIA T.000
830125PARIS 2.000
840061HALLE 4.125
850430ASKANIA U.000
860104YORK 5.000
870431ASKANIA V.000
880105YORK 6.250
890106YORK 7.000
900126PARIS 3.000
910114PHIL 1.000
920107YORK 8.250
930062HALLE 5.125
940063HALLE 6.313
950108YORK 9.000
960115PHIL 2.000
970064HALLE 7.313
980432ASKANIA Z.250
990187ASKANIA A.125
1000116PHIL 3.000
1010065HALLE 8.125
1020066HALLE 9.313
1030117PHIL 4.000
1040067HALLE 10.125
1050188ASKANIA B.250
1060433ASKANIA a.125
1070118PHIL 5.000
1080434ASKANIA b.250
1090222SIDNEY 1.250
1100435ASKANIA C.250
1110436ASKANIA d.250
1120127PARIS 4.000
1130437ASKANIA e.125
1140109YORK 10.250
1150438ASKANIA f.250
1160189ASKANIA C.125
1170119PHIL 6.000
1180439ASKANIA g.250
1190191ASKANIA E.125
1200068PRAHA 1.313
1210110YORK 11.250
1220177LONDON 1.000
1230440ASKANIA h.250
1240192ASKANIA F.125
1250223SIDNEY 2.250
1260069PRAHA 2.313
1270216WOBURN 11.000
1280178LONDON 2.000
1290224SIDNEY 3.375
1300111YORK 12.250
1310070PRAHA 3.313
1320194ASKANIA H.188
1330197BERLIN 1.250
1340441ASKANIA j.188
1350442ASKANIA k.313
1360120WASH 1.250
1370179LONDON 3.000
1380071PRAHA 4.313
1390443ASKANIA i.188
1400444ASKANIA m.188
1410198BERLIN 2.250
1420112YORK 13.250
1430180LONDON 4.000
1440225SIDNEY 4.250
1450226SIDNEY 5.375
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1580140HELL 13.406
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1680073PRAHA 6.000
1700142HELL 15.000
1710196WARSZAWA 1.313
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1730144HELL 17.000
1740195ASKANIA J.375
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1760201BERLIN 5.250
1770452ASKANIA v.375
1780074PRAHA 7.000
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1880150HELL 23.000
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1900152HELL 25.000
1910231MONGOL 1.000
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1940155HELL 28.000
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1980157HELL 30.000
1990135HELL 8.131
2000077PRAHA 10.297
2010078PRAHA 11.219
2020079PRAHA 12.266
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2040159HELL 32.156
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2060161HELL 34.156
2070136HELL 9.000
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2100082PRAHA 15.219
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2120163HELL 36.313
2130164HELL 37.313
2140137HELL 10.000
2150083PRAHA 16.219
2160084PRAHA 17.297
2170085PRAHA 18.266
2180086PRAHA 19.297
2190087PRAHA 20.266
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2210166HELL 39.156
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2260139HELL 12.078
2270169HELL 42.156
2280089PRAHA 22.297
2290090PRAHA 23.266
2300091PRAHA 24.219
2310184LONDON 8.328
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2330171HELL 44.156
2340219BLIJDORP 1.332
2350092PRAHA 25.266
2360185LONDON 9.328
2370172HELL 45.250
2380093PRAHA 26.309
2390094PRAHA 27.309
2400173HELL 46.156
2410227CATSKILL 1.156
2420220BLIJDORP 2.332
2430228CATSKILL 2.188
2440221ANVERS 1.398
2450095PRAHA 28.266
2460174HELL 47.250
2470096PRAHA 29.297
2480097PRAHA 30.309
2490098PRAHA 31.309
2500232BLIJDORP 3.332
2510233PRAHA 32.297
2520234PRAHA 33.309
2530235PRAHA 34.266
2540236PRAHA 35.309
2550237HELL 48.250
2560238BLIJDORP 4.482
2570239BLIJDORP 5.332
2580240ANVERS 2.328
2590241HELL 49.328
2600242CATSKILL 3.309
2610243PRAHA 36.297
2620244ASKANIA 1.000
2630245PRAHA 37.309
2640246LONDON 10.328
2650247PRAHA 38.266
2660248CATSKILL 4.305
2670249CATSKILL 5.156
2680250PRAHA 39.398
2690251PRAHA 40.309
2700252KOBEN 1.207
2710253HELL 50.250
2720254CATSKILL 6.328
2730255PRAHA 41.309
2740256ANVERS 3.328
2750257BLIJDORP 6.482
2760258PRAHA 42.309
2770259ASKANIA 2.000
2780260PRAHA 43.297
2790261PRAHA 44.398
2800262CATSKILL 7.250
2810263CATSKILL 8.309
2820264AMSTER 1.332
2830265CATSKILL 9.156
2840266CATSKILL 10.250
2850267HELL 51.250
2860268CATSKILL 11.305
2870269PRAHA 45.266
2880270PRAHA 46.297
2890271PRAHA 47.309
2900272BLIJDORP 7.482
2910273PRAHA 48.398
2920274KOBEN 2.207
2930275CATSKILL 12.207
2940276CATSKILL 13.250
2950277CATSKILL 14.156
2960278HELL 52.250
2970279CATSKILL 15.328
2980280ANVERS 4.328
2990281PARIS 5.047
3000282PRAHA 49.309
3010283PRAHA 50.398
3020284BLIJDORP 8.482
3030285ASKANIA 3.000
3040286PRAHA 51.266
3050287PRAHA 52.459
3060288PRAHA 53.459
3070289ASKANIA 4.250
3080290PRAHA 54.297
3090291PRAHA 55.309
3100292CATSKILL 16.309
3110293CATSKILL 17.305
3120294HELL 53.250
3130295HELL 54.242
3140296PRAHA 56.383
3150297KOBEN 3.207
3160298CATSKILL 18.207
3170299CATSKILL 19.328
3180300CATSKILL 20.402
3190301CATSKILL 21.250
3200302CATSKILL 22.156
3210303PRAHA 57.398
3220304BERLIN-O. 1.332
3230305ANVERS 5.328
3240306PRAHA 58.309
3250307BLIJDORP 9.558
3260308BLIJDORP 10.482
3270309PRAHA 59.309
3280310PRAHA 60.398
3290311PRAHA 61.309
3300312PRAHA 62.297
3310313ASKANIA 5.250
3320314PRAHA 63.309
3330315PRAHA 64.266
3340316CATSKILL 23.305
3350317CATSKILL 24.207
3360318PRAHA 65.459
3370319CATSKILL 25.309
3380320CATSKILL 26.250
3390321ASKANIA 6.000
3400322HELL 55.328
3410323PRAHA 66.398
3420324PRAHA 67.383
3430325PRAHA 68.406
3440326ANVERS 6.328
3450327LEIPZIG 1.469
3460328PRAHA 69.309
3470329CATSKILL 27.328
3480330BERLIN O 2.332
3490331PRAHA 70.398
3500332PRAHA 71.297
3510333ASKANIA 7.250
3520334CATSKILL 28.195
3530335PRAHA 72.309
3540336BLIJDROP 11.482
3550337PRAHA 73.309
3560338HELL 56.250
3570339CATSKILL 29.207
3580340HELL 57.242
3590341CATSKILL 30.250
3600342PRAHA 74.383
3610343AMSTER 2.486
3620344PRAHA 75.459
3630345ANVERS 7.328
3640346BLIJDORP 12.558
3650347LEIPZIG 2.469
3660348WASS 1.566
3670349LONDON 11.355
3680350LONDON 12.355
3690351LONDON 13.342
3700352ASKANIA 8.047
3710353PRAHA 76.504
3720354PRAHA 77.398
3730355PRAHA 78.309
3740356BLIJDORP 13.482
3750357CATSKILL 31.311
3760358HELL 58.250
3770359PRAHA 79.309
3780360AMSTER 3.490
3790361CATSKILL 32.309
3800362CATSKILL 33.402
3810365HELL 59.328
3820363PRAHA 80.398
3830364KOBEN 4.207
3840366CATSKILL 34.328
3850367PRAHA 81.398
3860646LONDON 32.355
3870368CATSKILL 35.207
3880369WASH-TANK 1.195
3890370LEIPZIG 3.469
3900371AMSTER 4.486
3910372PRAHA 82.309
3920373CATSKILL 36.195
3930374PRAHA 83.332
3940375BERLIN-O 3.047
3950376PRAHA 84.504
3960377PRAHA 85.035
3970378HELL 60.242
3980379BLIJDORP 14.558
3990380CATSKILL 37.195
4000381CATSKILL 38.250
4010382WASS 2.566
4020383HELL 61.250
4030384CATSKILL 39.402
4040385HABANA 1.403
4050386PRAHA 86.023
4060387PRAHA 87.047
4070388PRAHA 88.047
4080389LONDON 14.342
4090390LONDON 15.355
4100391ASKANIA 9.023
4110392CATSKILL 40.328
4120393PRAHA 89.023
4130394HELL 62.242
4140395PRAHA 90.035
4150396PRAHA 91.332
4160397HELL 63.250
4170398KOLN 1.464
4180399PRAHA 92.398
4190400PRAHA 93.047
4200401LONDON 16.355
4210402BLIJDORP 15.482
4220403PRAHA 94.023
4230404LEIPZIG 4.469
4240405BLIJDORP 16.558
4250406SAN DIEGO 1.334
4260407CATSKILL 41.250
4270408CATSKILL 42.195
4280409LONDON 17.342
4290417CATSKILL 56.309
4300410CATSKILL 43.328
4310411HELL 64.242
4320412PRAHA 95.023
4330413LONDON 18.355
4340414PRAHA 96.035
4350415KOLN 2.464
4360416WARSZAWA 2.330
4370457PARIS 6.330
4380458SAN DIEGO 2.235
4390459WASS 3.566
4400460LEIPZIG 5.469
4410461ANVERS 8.354
4420462PRAHA 97.047
4430463PRAHA 98.023
4440464PARIS 7.192
4450465LEIPZIG 6.029
4460466PARIS 8.200
4470467NURNBERG 1.342
4480468PRAHA 99.398
4490469CATSKILL 44.207
4500485KOBEN 5.207
4510470CATSKILL 45.195
4520471PRAHA 100.023
4530472PRAHA 101.406
4540473SAN DIEGO 3.334
4550474ANVERS 9.342
4560475LONDON 19.355
4570476CATSKILL 46.328
4580477LONDON 20.342
4590478HELL 65.242
4600479BERLIN-0. 4.047
4610480CATSKILL 47.195
4620481PRAHA 102.035
4630482WARSZAWA 3.330
4640483PRAHA 103.330
4650484KOLN 3.464
4660509BLIJDROP 17.558
4670486PRAHA 104.047
4680487SAN DIEGO 4.235
4690488PRAHA 105.023
4700489ASKANIA 10.035
4710490ASKANIA 11.375
4720491MARWELL 1.354
4730492PRAHA 106.023
4740493PRAHA 107.023
4750494CATSKILL 48.289
4760495LONDON 21.355
4770496BROOK 1.209
4780497HOWLETTS 1.398
4790498CATSKILL 49.250
4800499HOWLETTS 2.354
4810500LONDON 22.342
4820501CATSKILL 50.172
4830502LONDON 23.355
4840503HELL 66.250
4850504SAN DIEGO 5.334
4860505CATSKILL 51.289
4870506HOWLETTS 3.262
4880507RIGA 1.332
4890508MARWELL 2.330
4900510PARIS 9.192
4910511PRAHA 108.047
4920512WARSZAWA 4.330
4930513ANVERS 10.354
4940514ANVERS 11.342
4950515BERLIN-OST 5.047
4960516HOWLETTS 4.354
4970517MARWELL 3.039
4980518KOLN 4.464
4990519PRAHA 109.023
5000520PARIS 10.330
5010521PARIS 11.200
5020522MARWELL 4.000
5030523PRAHA 110.023
5040524ASKANIA 12.375
5050525ASKANAIA 13.035
5060526BROOK 2.209
5070527MARWELL 5.000
5080528ASKANIA 14.070
5090529MARWELL 6.039
5100530LONDON 24.342
5110531SALZBURG 1.012
5120532CATSKILL 52.207
5130533CATSKILL 53.289
5140534CATSKILL 54.195
5150535CATSKILL 55.328
5160536WASS 4.566
5170537NURNBERG 2.029
5180538LONDON 25.355
5190539MARWELL 7.000
5200540PRAHA 111.023
5210541CATSKILL 57.193
5220542HOWLETTS 5.221
5230543NURNBERG 3.039
5240570WARSZAWA 5.330
5250544HOWLETTS 6.354
5260545CATSKILL 58.250
5270546MARWELL 8.039
5280547LEIPZIG 7.414
5290548ASKANIA 15.250
5300549BROOK. 3.209
5310550ASKANIA 16.023
5320551PRAHA 112.023
5330552ASKANIA 17.047
5340553BERLIN-O. 6.047
5350554MARWELL 9.000
5360555MARWELL 10.000
5370556SALZBURG 2.012
5380557HELL 67.250
5390558PRAHA 113.262
5400559MARWELL 11.039
5410560ANVERS 12.354
5420561PARIS 12.192
5430562NURNBERG 4.077
5440563LEIPZIG 8.029
5450564MARWELL 12.000
5470569SAN DIEGO 6.334
5480566CATSKILL 59.252
5490567CATSKILL 60.311
5500568CATSKILL 61.226
5510571MARWELL 13.000
5520572KOLN 5.597
5530573HOWLETTS 7.221
5540574NURNBERG 5.029
5550575HOWLETTS 8.354
5560576ARNHEM 1.349
5570577PRAHA 114.023
5580578MARWELL 14.000
5590579NURNBERG 6.039
5600580HELL 69.309
5610581LONDON 26.355
5620582LONDON 27.330
5630583PRAHA 115.262
5640584MARWELL 15.039
5650585HOWLETTS 9.354
5660586LONDON 28.405
5670587HOWLETTS 10.221
5680588PRAHA 116.023
5690589PRAHA 117.262
5700590PRAHA 118.023
5710591MARWELL 16.039
5720592LEIPZIG 9.414
5730593PARIS 13.200
5740594MARWELL 17.000
5750595PRAHA 119.268
5760596LEIPZIG 10.029
5770597NURNBERG 7.077
5780598LONDON 29.469
5790599HOWLETTS 11.121
5800600ASKANIA 18.023
5810601ASKANIA 19.250
5820602ASKANIA 20.137
5830603SAN DIEGO 7.285
5840647SALZBURG 5.012
5850604SAN DIEGO 8.365
5860605ASKANIA 21.047
5870606ASKANIA 22.250
5880607HELL 70.410
5890608CATSKILL 62.311
5900609BLIJDORP 18.143
5910610MARWELL 18.000
5920611BERLIN-OST 7.047
5930612NURNBERG 8.029
5940613MARWELL 19.000
5950614SAN DIEGO 9.218
5960615LONDON 30.405
5970616CATSKILL 63.311
5980617PRAHA 120.262
5990618CATSKILL 64.252
6000619MARWELL 20.000
6010795AALBORG 1.012
6020620ASKANIA 23.137
6030621PARIS 14.200
6040622HELL 71.246
6050623PARIS 15.192
6060624ASKANIA 24.361
6070625MARWELL 21.039
6080626YORK 14.252
6090627MARWELL 22.039
6100628LEIPZIG 11.029
6110629HOWLETTS 12.221
6120630HOWLETTS 13.221
6130631PRAHA 121.035
6140632NURNBERG 9.077
6150633KOLN 6.597
6160645SALZBURG 3.012
6170634PRAHA 122.262
6180635YORK 15.252
6190636ASKANIA 25.252
6200637ASKANIA 26.183
6210638SAN DIEGO 10.285
6220639SAN DIEGO 11.365
6230640HELL 72.309
6240641OBERWIL 1.023
6250642PRAHA 123.273
6260643LONDON 31.510
6270644KOLN 7.464
6280648CATSKILL 65.334
6290649NURNBERG 10.039
6300672WARSZAWA 6.487
6310650HOWLETTS 14.354
6320651NURNBERG 11.029
6330652ASKANIA 27.361
6340653ASKANIA 28.137
6350654HABANA 2.547
6360655BERLIN-OST 8.313
6370656ASKANIA 29.140
6380657LENINGRAD 1.326
6390658LEIPZIG 12.520
6400659LEIPZIG 13.414
6410660NURNBERG 12.327
6420661OBERWIL 2.057
6430662LEIPZIG 14.327
6440663MARWELL 23.346
6450664PRAHA 124.262
6460665ARNHEM 2.242
6470666ASKANIA 30.163
6480667LONDON 33.094
6490668LONDON 34.110
6500669SAN DIEGO 12.334
6510670OBERWIL 3.023
6520671LEIPZIG 15.029
6530673ASKANIA 31.252
6540674LONDON 35.105
6550675ASKANIA 32.183
6560676MARWELL 24.000
6570677NURNBERG 13.077
6580678SAN DIEGO 13.285
6590679KOLN 8.597
6600680HOWLETTS 15.221
6610681ANVERS 13.504
6620682HELL 73.309
6630683YORK 16.252
6640684PRAHA 125.262
6650685SAN DIEGO 14.365
6660686SAN DIEGO 15.218
6670687SALZBURG 4.012
6680688YORK 17.252
6690689LONDON 36.105
6700690PARIS 16.308
6710691CATSKILL 66.311
6720738SAN DIEGO 21.365
6730692KOLN 9.464
6740693HOWELETTS 16.120
6750694MARWELL 25.000
6760695LONDON 37.355
6770696ARNHEM 3.219
6780697MARWELL 26.039
6790699OBERWIL 4.023
6800700MARWELL 27.346
6810701MEMPHIS 1.316
6820698HOWLETTS 17.199
6830702ASKANIA 33.137
6840703HELL 74.391
6850704BERLIN-O 9.313
6860705LONDON 38.105
6870706ASKANIA 34.140
6880707WARSZAWA 7.487
6890708ARNHEM 4.242
6900709ASKANIA 35.163
6910796AALBORG 2.012
6920710ASKANIA 36.361
6930711ASKANIA 37.140
6940712SAN DIEGO 16.285
6950713SAN DIEGO 17.365
6960714ASKANIA 38.183
6970715LEIPZIG 16.327
6980716OBERWIL 5.057
6990717LEIPZIG 17.029
7000718MARWELL 28.039
7010719LEIPZIG 18.520
7020720HOWLETTS 18.376
7030721HOWLETTS 19.210
7040722YORK 18.418
7050723YORK 19.418
7060724YORK 20.252
7070725LONDON 39.110
7080726NURNBERG 14.327
7090727PRAHA 126.273
7100728PRAHA 127.262
7110729HABANA 3.547
7120730SAN DIEGO 18.235
7130731YORK 21.252
7140732SAN DIEGO 19.334
7150733LONDON 40.105
7160734LENINGRAD 2.246
7170735BLIJDROP 19.143
7180736CATSKILL 67.311
7190737SAN DIEGO 20.218
7200739NURNBERG 15.029
7210740NURNBERG 16.039
7220741NURNBERG 17.077
7230742BERN 1.263
7240743ARNHEM 5.219
7250744BERLIN-OST 10.047
7260745LONDON 41.097
7270746MARWELL 29.346
7280747MARWELL 30.000
7290797AALBORG 3.012
7300748LONDON 42.102
7310749MARWELL 31.039
7320750BERLIN-OST 11.313
7330751OBERWIL 6.023
7340752WARSZAWA 8.487
7350753TOPEKA 1.306
7360754HELL 75.391
7370755HOWLETTS 20.120
7380756BERLIN-OST 12.313
7390757HOWLETTS 21.199
7400758ARNHEM 6.242
7410759LONDON 43.094
7420760SAN DIEGO 22.285
7430761FROSON 1.224
7440762MOSKVA 4.196
7450763NURNBERG 18.309
7460764ASKANIA 39.318
7470765ASKANIA 40.375
7480766ASKANIA 41.375
7490767ASKANIA 42.262
7500768HELL 76.309
7510769MARWELL 32.000
7520770MARWELL 33.039
7530771ASKANIA 43.148
7540772STUTTGART 1.262
7550773ASKANIA 44.250
7560774MARWELL 34.000
7570775HOWLETTS 22.210
7580776HOWLETTS 23.376
7590777HELL 77.391
7600778LONDON 44.097
7610779CHESTER 1.165
7620780BLIJDORP 20.194
7630781SAN DIEGO 23.365
7640782LONDON 45.105
7650783LONDON 46.110
7660784OBERWILL 7.057
7670785LONDON 47.105
7680786NURNBERG 19.327
7690787HELL 78.410
7700788LEIPZIG 19.414
7710789LEIPZIG 20.029
7720790KIEV 1.166
7730791LONDON 48.355
7740792PARIS 17.308
7750793WIEN 1.235
7760794NURNBERG 20.029
7770800BERN 2.146
7780801BERN 3.263
7790802TALLINN 1.188
7800803SABABURG 1.039
7810804BERLIN-WEST 1.235
7820805MARWELL 35.346
7830806LEIPZIG 21.327
7840807ARNHEM 7.219
7850808MARWELL 36.225
7860809WARSZAWA 9.487
7870810LENINGRAD 3.246
7880811LONDON 49.102
7890812SAN DIEGO 24.365
7900813AALBORG 4.012
7910814LONDON 50.094
7920815LEIPZIG 22.520
7930816MARWELL 37.239
7940817BERLIN-OST 13.313
7950818CATSKILL 68.203
7960819LONDON 51.097
7970820NURNBERG 21.077
7980821ASKANIA 45.256
7990822SAN DIEGO 25.285
8000823ASKANIA 46.137
8010824CHESTER 2.165
8020825HOWLETTS 24.376
8030826ASKANIA 47.375
8040827DUISBURG 1.262
8050828MARWELL 38.039
8060829MARWELL 39.000
8070830WIEN 2.185
8080831ASKANIA 48.250
8090832ASKANIA 49.375
8100833HELL 79.309
8110834MARWELL 40.000
8120835ASKANIA 50.318
8130836HOWLETTS 25.199
8140837MOSKVA 5.196
8150838HOWLETTS 26.210
8160839ASKANIA 51.201
8170840SAN DIEGO 26.341
8180841SAN DIEGO 27.365
8190842ASKANIA 52.047
8200843ASKANIA 53.250
8210844HOWLETTS 27.120
8220845MARWELL 41.039
8230846NEW YORK 22.280
8240847LONDON 52.105
8250848HELL 80.391
8260849LONDON 53.097
8270850OBERWIL 8.057
8280851LONDON 54.105
8290852ARNHEM 8.242
8300853HELL 81.410
8310854LONDON 55.110
8320855MARWELL 42.000
8330856SPRINGE 1.327
8340857LEIPZIG 23.414
8350858YORK 23.252
8360859STUTTGART 2.262
8370860PRAHA 128.262
8380861NURNBERG 22.351
8390862PRAHA 129.273
8400863SABABURG 2.173
8410864PARIS 18.308
8420865MARWELL 43.238
8430866LONDON 56.355
8440867NEW YORK 24.418
8450868WIEN 3.235
8460869SAN DIEGO 28.448
8470870OBERWIL 9.023
8480871BERLIN-WEST 2.235
8490872BERN 4.263
8500873WARSZAWA 10.576
8510874BLIJDORP 21.194
8520875SABABURG 3.196
8530876OBERWILL 10.023
8540877LONDON 57.102
8550878BLIJDROP 22.143
8560879SAN DIEGO 29.265
8570880OBERWIL 11.051
8580881BERN 5.146
8590882LEIPZIG 24.327
8600883LEIPZIG 25.327
8610884MARWELL 44.346
8620885HELSINKI 1.287
8630886MINNESOTA 1.296
8640887TOPEKA 2.306
8650888WARSZAWA 11.177
8660889LEIPZIG 26.520
8670890MARWELL 45.225
8680891ROSTOV 1.303
8690892SAN DIEGO 30.285
8700893ASKANIA 54.375
8710894HOWLETTS 28.199
8720895WARSZAWA 12.487
8730896ASKANIA 55.256
8740897HELL 82.309
8750898ASKANIA 56.256
8760899LONDON 58.097
8770900ASKANIA 57.137
8780901ASKANIA 58.375
8790902DUISBURG 2.262
8800903HELL 83.391
8810904NURNBERG 23.077
8820905ASKANIA 59.250
8830906YORK 25.438
8840907SAN DIEGO 31.341
8850908BERLIN-OST 14.313
8860909MINNESOTA 2.046
8870910HOWLETTS 29.376
8880911CHESTER 3.165
8890912MARWELL 46.039
8900913LONDON 59.105
8910914HOWLETTS 30.210
8920915KOLN 10.054
8930916MARWELL 47.000
8940917CATSKILL 69.241
8950918MARWELL 48.000
8960919OBERWIL 12.057
8970920MARWELL 49.039
8980921CATSKILL 70.352
8990922OBERWIL 13.225
9000923HOWLETTS 31.120
9010924ARNHEM 9.242
9020925WIEN 4.185
9030926LEIPZIG 27.414
9040927MARWELL 50.000
9050928LONDON 60.105
9060930LENINGRAD 4.246
9070931NURNBERG 24.029
9080932HELL 84.410
9090933YORK 26.280
9100934NURNBERG 25.309
9110935HOWLETTS 32.357
9120936HELL 85.391
9130937PRAHA 130.262
9140938SABABURG 4.173
9150939KIEV 2.166
9160940BERLIN-OST 15.313
9170941PARIS 19.308
9180942YORK 27.280
9190943PRAHA 131.273
9200944YORK 28.438
9210945DENVER 1.403
9220946S. DIEGO 32.365
9230947WARSZAWA 13.177
9240948MINNESOTA 3.159
9250949HILVAREN 1.194
9260950ARNHEM 10.219
9270951MIDWAY 1.194
9280952MINNESOTA 4.140
9290953TALLINN 2.188
9300954LONDON 61.110
9310955BERN 6.263
9320956SABABURG 5.196
9330957LEIPZIG 28.327
9340958LONDON 62.105
9350959ASKANIA 60.023
9360960WARSZAWA 14.576
9370961S. DIEGO 33.285
9380962NURNBERG 26.351
9390963ASKANIA 61.250
9400964DENVER 2.452
9410965MARWELL 51.346
9420966ASKANIA 62.375
9430967LEIPZIG 29.520
9440968OBERWIL 14.314
9450969LONDON 63.102
9460970ASKANIA 63.250
9470971LONDON 64.097
9480972LONDON 65.097
9490973MIDWAY 2.195
9500974MIDWAY 3.199
9510975TOPEKA 3.306
9520976OBERWIL 15.051
9530977ROSTOV 2.303
9540978PFORZHEIM 1.225
9550979NURNBERG 27.077
9560980ASKANIA 64.252
9570981ASKANIA 65.438
9580982MARWELL 52.039
9590983ASKANIA 66.148
9600984ASKANIA 67.256
9610985HOWLETTS 33.210
9620986LEIPZIG 30.029
9630987ASKANIA 68.438
9640988YORK 29.265
9650989MARWELL 53.225
9660990MARWELL 54.000
9670991HOWLETTS 34.376
9680992CHESTER 4.165
9690993HELL 86.309
9700994MIDWAY 4.225
9710995OBERWILL 16.225
9720996LEIPZIG 31.327
9730997MARWELL 55.000
9740998MARWELL 56.000
9750999HELL 87.391
9761000WARSZAWA 15.487
9771001BERN 7.146
9781002LEIPZIG 32.414
9791003HOWLETTS 35.120
9801004DUISBURG 3.262
9811005MARWELL 57.239
9821006ARNHEM 11.229
9831007KOLN 11.054
9841008KURGAN 1.367
9851009LONDON 66.105
9861010HOWLETTS 36.199
9871011PRAHA 132.262
9881012HOWLETTS 37.357
9891013MARWELL 58.039
9901014BERLIN-W 3.235
9911015KIEV 3.166
9921016SABABURG 6.173
9931017YORK 30.330
9941018LONDON 67.094
9951019ARMHEM 12.220
9961020PARIS 20.308
9971021S. DIEGO 34.365
9981022HILVAREN 2.143
9991023OBERWIL 17.023
10001024WARSZ. 16.177
10011025ARNHEM 13.242
10021026WARSZ. 17.177
10031027WIEN 5.235
10041028MINNESOTA 5.140
10051029MOSKVA 6.315
10061030LENINGRAD 5.246
10071031BERN 8.197
10081032LEIPZIG 33.162
10091033OBERWIL 18.057
10101034BERLIN-O. 16.313
10111035MINNESOTA 6.159
10121036SPRINGE 2.122
10131037HELL. 88.506
10141038HELL. 89.391
10151039NURNBERG 28.029
10161040ASKANIA 69.137
10171041ASKANIA 70.438
10181042BERN 9.157
10191043ASKANIA 71.375
10201044ASKANIA 72.148
10211045MARWELL 59.346
10221046MOSKVA 7.121
10231047NURNBERG 29.351
10241048ASKANIA 73.250
10251049LONDON 68.102
10261050LONDON 69.097
10271051PFORZHEIM 2.225
10281052LONDON 70.355
10291096HOWLETTS 38.210
10301053MIDWAY 5.194
10311054MIDWAY 6.195
10321097HOWLETTS 39.376
10331055LEIPZIG 34.327
10341056MIDWAY 7.199
10351057SPRINGE 3.128
10361058LEIPZIG 35.520
10371059LENINGRAD 6.165
10381060PARIS 21.454
10391061LONDON 71.105
10401062SABABURG 7.262
10411098HOWLETTS 40.199
10421063YORK 31.280
10431064TOPEKA 4.290
10441065TOPEKA 5.287
10451066NURNBERG 30.309
10461067MARWELL 60.000
10471068MARWELL 61.039
10481069MARWELL 62.000
10491099HOWLETTS 41.120
10501070LEIPZIG 36.327
10511071S. DIEGO 35.365
10521072LEIPZIG 37.414
10531073BERN 10.146
10541074ASKANIA 74.262
10551075HELL. 90.309
10561076ASKANIA 75.375
10571077ASKANIA 76.256
10581078LONDON 72.105
10591100HOWLETTS 42.194
10601079MINNESOTA 7.046
10611080BERLIN-O. 17.111
10621081BERLIN-O. 18.113
10631082MINNESOTA 8.296
10641101HOWLETTS 43.176
10651102DUISBURG 4.262
10661083TOPEKA 6.347
10671084YORK 32.244
10681085TOPEKA 7.352
10691086PRAHA 133.262
10701087BERLIN W.4.235
10711088STUTTGART 3.447
10721089MARWELL 63.039
10731090SABABURG 8.173
10741091MARWELL 64.225
10751092MARWELL 65.239
10761093WIEN 6.185
10771094YORK 33.355
10781095PARIS 22.308
10791103S. DIEGO 36.252
10801104DENVER 3.290
10811105SPRINGE 4.116
10821106WARSZ. 018.177
10831107S. DIEGO 37.406
10841108WARSZ. 019.487
10851109MINNESOTA 9.140
10861110SABABURG 9.262
10871150HELL. 93.309
10881111MINNES. 10.124
10891112NIKOLAEV 1.257
10901113BERLIN-O. 19.113
10911114ASKANIA 77.250
10921115HELL. 91.506
10931116OBERWIL 19.051
10941117ASKANIA 78.148
10951118ASKANIA 79.318
10961119ASKANIA 80.256
10971120HALLE 11.239
10981121NURNBERG 31.414
10991122HOWLETTS 44.194
11001123WARSZ. 20.177
11011124HELL. 92.506
11021125MINNES. 11.214
11031126BERLIN-O. 20.111
11041127PRAHA 134.084
11051128ASKANIA 81.288
11061129MARWELL 66.346
11071130TOPEKA 8.306
11081131LONDON 74.105
11091132MOSKVA 8.071
11101133ARNHEM 14.229
11111134HOWLETTS 45.357
11121135PRAHA 135.084
11131136SABAB. 10.344
11141137MOSKVA 9.108
11151138LONDON 73.097
11161139WARSZ. 21.338
11171140LONDON 75.102
11181141SPRINGE 5.128
11191142OBERWIL 20.057
11201143LEIPZIG 38.520
11211144MARWELL 67.000
11221145ASKANIA 82.256
11231146KIEV 4.226
11241147KOLN 12.054
11251148LEIPZIG 39.162
11261149ASKANIA 83.262
11271151SPRINGE 6.122
11281152MOSKVA 10.367
11291153KOLN 13.037
11301154HOWLETTS 46.194
11311155MINNES. 12.206
11321156HOWLETTS 47.210
11331157HILVAREN. 3.194
11341158WIEN 7.235
11351159ASKANIA 84.250
11361160BERN 11.146
11371161MIDWAY 8.199
11381162BERN 12.197
11391163BERLIN-W. 5.235
11401164MINNES. 13.181
11411165DENVER 4.293
11421166MARWELL 68.039
11431167MINNES. 14.165
11441168BERN 13.157
11451169HELL. 94.465
11461170HOWLETTS 48.194
11471171MARWELL 69.140
11481172ASKANIA 85.438
11491173MARWELL 70.128
11501174LONDON 76.105
11511175MARWELL 71.126
11521176SABAB. 11.173
11531177LEIPZIG 40.294
11541178ASKANIA 86.375
11551179DENVER 5.293
11561180YORK 34.119
11571181ASKANIA 87.181
11581182WIEN 8.185
11591183HOWLETTS 49.199
11601184ROSTOV 3.303
11611185MINNES. 15.173
11621186NURNBERG 32.351
11631187HELL. 95.391
11641188LENINGRAD 7.114
11651189HOWLETTS 50.120



A total of 109 effective stallions…


Yu. Musienko, N. Krylov, N. Lobanov and V. Klimov

In 1987 the Askania-Nova zoo, one of the oldest in the USSR, will mark its 100th anniversary. It was established in 1885–1887 in the steppes of Tavria on the Black Sea northern shores. In historic times these steppes gave refuge to numerous herds of wild horses - tarpans eliminated by man last century.

When N. Przewalski discovered a new species of wild horses that were seen by few people and doubted by many others, it was decided in Russia to catch and transmit them to Europe. By doing so, the existence of true wild horses could be proved.

At the end of the 19th century an expedition was sent to Mongolia and in 1900 the Askania-Nova zoo was the first in Europe to accommodate wild horses. Mares Staraya-I and Staraya-II and a stallion Vaska initiated captive reproduction of these horses and first foals were born. During 40 years 37 foals were produced in the zoo to form an old Askania line. The horses propagated normally till the Second World War. They formed a basis of Munich (Hellabrunn) line, thus preserving blood of the Askania line in current Przewalski horses. The Second World War that brought about vast devastations to Europe and the USSR put an end to existence of the line, the horses in Askania-Nova were destroyed.

In 1948 a stallion Orlik-Robert was delivered from Germany and in 1957 the zoo admitted a mare Orlitsa-III caught in the wild in Mongolia. These animals became founders of a new Askania line.


The horses of this line began to reproduce since 1960 and 100 animals have been produced over 25 years. Some of them (50 percent) form a nucleus of the line, the others have been distributed among the USSR and other countries' zoos. As related to the foals produced per year, the Askania-Nova zoo is acknowledged to be a leader among the world's zoos. The average surplus accounts for 12–15 percent per annum exceeding other zoos' indices by 5–7 percent. Practically all the sexually mature mares are productive. In some years fertility reached 100 percent, averaging 60 percent on the whole. Among fifty horses available in Askania-Nova only ten are efficient. The zoo does its utmost to improve these indices.

Demographic figures are given in Table 1. As one can see, the population's reproductive potential is increasing.

Analysing the line structure, mention should be made of two

Age classesMaleFemaleTotal%
0 – 1561123.5
1 – 3871627.7
3 – 562814.8
5 – 1027916.7
10 – 1518916.7
Over 201120.6

Prague-line mares involved in reproduction (Gasana and Vada) as well as two females and a male imported from the USA in 1982. The latter represent American branches of the Munich line. The line geneology clearly indicates three families - offspring of Orlitsa-III, Vada and Gasana. As for the stallions, the horses relate to Orlik-Robert and his offspring and Gordyi of the Prague line. One more line is likely to be formed, involving a stallion Sigor from the USA into reproduction. Therefore, the new Askania line includes blood of all the wild founders of the Przewalski horse captive population. This fact favours genetic variability of the line and reproductive processes.


Now the Przewalski horses in Askania-Nova occupy a portion of reserve feather grass steppe divided into large enclosures. Depending on the time of the year they are kept in either isolated or common enclosures varing from 45 to 1550 ha. All-year round ranging promotes better development and reproduction of horses. In relation to morphology, exterior, coloration, hair coat and behaviour, the Askania-line horses are closer to a standard of wild horses that has been repeatedly indicated by other specialists. They are more successful in reproduction as compared with horses from other zoos. The inbreeding level is very high in captive population on the whole, while being much less in Askania-Nova. Inbreeding coefficient of the line makes 0.25 on the average though it surpasses 0.30 in some animals. It happens due to long-term consanguineous mating because a stallion Pegas has been a major sire for a long period of time. To remedy the situation, in 1982 the Askania-Nova zoo exchanged horses with the US Bronx and San Diego zoos. Askania-Nova received two mares Lisa and Bollette and a stallion Sigor that made it possible to propagate horses in several directions. Since 1983 the animals have been mated and managed in four groups according to the prepared programme on interbreeding:

  1. stallion Pegas and American mares
  2. stallion Sigor and three Askania-line mares
  3. stallion Parad and eight Askania-line mares with young stock of 1–2 years of age
  4. group of bachelors - genetic reserve of the population.

Group 2 produced three foals in 1984 and two foals were born to the American mares. The international exchange of horses has favoured the animals' reproduction and the line genetic structure that will make a high level of genetic variability possible. Now the Askania-Nova zoo owns representatives of two pure lines and can breed horses in several directions and provide the total population with animals having new gene combinations. In the future efforts will be taken to enhance the quality and numbers of the line by: stimulation of reproductive processes, increasing the level of the line genetic variability, isolation of the Prague-line horses and their separate management, pure breeding, line breeding, formation of new lines and breeding groups with qualitatively new gene variants.


Jirí Volf

The breeding of the Przewalski horse (Equus przewalskii Poliakov, 1881) in captivity was started in 1899–1904. At that time six transports from Middle Asia brought a total of 54 individuals to Europe. A low reproduction rate and extensive scattering of the breed prevented additions and could not prevent a natural decrease at the beginning. In the twenties the number of wild horses kept in captivity varied within the range of 20–30 animals. In the thirties this number gradually increased exceeding several times 40 individuals. During World War II the number again temporarily decreased; another ten years passed before it was possible to substitute the losses. Despite this, the future of the species was not secure due mainly to the fact that during this period the number of freely living wild horses decreased catastrophically.

In September 1959, the 1st International Symposium on the Protection of the Przewalski Horse took place and the Prague Zoo, at the time the most important breeder, was assigned the task of compiling an all-world card-index on this animal.

An accurate central card-index makes it possible to publish annually the international Pedigree Book of the Przewalski horse. This book increases the direct interest of breeders aimed at the reproduction of animals, surveys the results of all-world breeding, facilitates the exchange of animals and supplementation of breeding herds and due to its wide distribution propagates the protection of this endangered species. When I started to publish the Pedigree Book in 1960, 59 Przewalski horses lived at 17 breeding stations; by 1 January 1985, as many as 620 individuals were living at 100 zoological gardens, scientific institutes and private breeders. This means that during twenty-five years the number of Przewalski horses kept in captivity increased more than ten times.

Irrespective of this indisputable success some undesirable aspects accompanying the worldwide breeding of wild horses should be taken into consideration.

First of all is the domestication effect. This is manifested by morphological changes, of the extremities and the cranium in particular. We found that these changes could be proved as soon as the first generation of horses was born in captivity. This change affects above all the lower jawbone, where the Corpus mandibulae narrows and the jaw assumes the fine form of tweezers. The cause of this weakening of the lower jawbone is the relatively soft food ingested by the animals in captivity which does not adequately put to use the biting apparatus of the horses.

However, negative selection, used by some breeders mainly with stallions, also cannot be overlooked. As a consequence, the dark-nosed form has presently almost disappeared from breeding herds (this form was formerly described by Pallas as Equus equiferus typicus). Some of the hyppologists considered the so-called meal-nose as a specific art of wild horses. Up to now it has depended on every single breeder whether he prefers the lighter form of wild horses with striped extremities, which can be for instance found in the Prague breed, or the darker form with black extremities kept at the Munich collection.

One has also to be aware of the breeding of relatives, which has already been observed in Przewalski horses for a long time. All wild horses living in captivity at present descended from only ten imported individuals: one pair which came to Falz-Fein in 1899 and a mare in 1902, two pairs of the Hagenbeck transport in 1901 and a pair in 1902, and the last the mare “Orlica III”. It lived in the Scientific Research Institute in Askania Nova (Ukraine) until the end of 1974. It is a pity that for a long time she was crossed with domestic stallions and did not influence to a great extent the breeding of wild horses all over the world. Only three purebred descendents of her remain.

In my opinion, it is possible to suppress partly the above mentioned aspects. The most effective approach would be the release of a greater number of individuals to a reserve. As the number of Przewalski horses in captivity is continually rising this step can be fully justified.

The reserve should ensure good living conditions for the animals so that the many years of effort of the breeders are not be wasted.

In the reserve the horses must be completely safe from their natural enemies - beasts of prey - as well as from hunters. We can use wild asses - Kulans (Equus hemionus kulan) as an example here. They found a new home on the island Barsa-Kelmes in the Aral sea some time ago.

Further important factors, which must be observed when releasing wild horses to a reserve, include soil and climatic conditions. The animals have to rub their hoofs regularly, because otherwise these would grow to such dimensions that these individuals could become completely lame. Thus, a hard sandy ground is essential.

The continential climate with a greater variation of temperature and little rainfall is a natural area for wild horses. We know that moisture is in fact much more unfavourable for wild horses than the greatest possible frost. Therefore, the reserve should have an arid climate.

This also influences feeding conditions favourably. Thus, prairie grass favourably influences the development of the chewing muscles and the whole mandible.

In addition, from the point of view of genetics, the reservation has to be isolated from domestic horses. The danger of cross-breeding holds not only for domestic stallions, but also for domestic mares that cannot withstand the aggression of wild stallions, and also for domestic mares that are introduced to the herd by wild stallions.

If a suitable reserve is found all breeders should be informed. If some of them are willing to give a part of their herd for the new reserve, they should be given the opportunity to get personally acquainted with the reserve and give their possible comments and recommendations before shipping the horses - I think that about 5% of the world's wild horses should be introduced at first, that means about 25–35 animals.

I believe sincerely that the foundation of a special reserve of Przewalski horses will reflect the successful international cooperation in the preservation of this endangered species and, in addition, will secure its fruitful future.

I wish your session in Moscow full success.

EQUUS PRZEWALSKI - 1 January 1985

Location of animals, with numbers of males and females

Askania Nova22,31
Colwyn Bay1,1
Front Royal2,7
Los Angeles1,1
Midway Manor2,7
New York4,11
de Ooij4,0
San Diego1,2
San Diego WAP5,14
Thot a Thomac1,0


M. Knowles


The present picture of numbers of animals in different locations is given in the paper by the Studbook keeper Dr. J. Volf and the paper by Dr. O. Ryder on this subject. The only comment additionally needed is to indicate that there are sufficient animals in captivity for a release to be made without prejudice to the captive population. There is also a strong commitment from the captive breeding population to make animals available.

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