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1. Logging harness, northern Thailand

2. Skidding downhill is very dangerous

3. Building a bridge

4. Off to a new job

5. Tadpole at time of purchase ...

6. ... Tadpole after two years of excellent care

7. Raja at Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

8. Raja is blind in both eyes

9. Necrosis from a useless drip

10. A tusk cut too short by ivory thieves

11. Victim of war at the Dehiwela Zoo, Sri Lanka

12. Mongkol safe at the FIO’s TECC

13. Mongkol at his old pencil factory home, Bangkok

14. A travelling show, Surin, Thailand, 1980

15. Pepsi, died of eating pesticide-laden food, 1997

16. Logging accident or natural fall?

17. A recent kheddah in Myanmar

18. Wild-caught elephants, Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre, Indonesia

19. This thirsty calf has two more happy years with its mother before training

20. Making friends after a training tough session

21. Captive and khoonkie, Way Kambas, Indonesia

22. Bath on a cold morning, northern Thailand

23. Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

24. Riding herd at Pinnawela

25. Buddhist ordination parade, Surin, Thailand

26. White lines are lime; brown lines are tumeric

27. Mother and daughter

28. Modern materials and style

29. South Indian tusker, 1979

30. Fine young tusker in Surin, Thailand

31. Bellanwila tusker in musth, Sri Lanka

32. Handsome mukhna, Dehiwela Zoo, Sri Lanka

33. Sao, 8’4”, 27 year old cow

34. Samai, one day after birth

35. Loei, 8”6”, 35 year old cow

36. Tadpole and foster mother, Sao

37. Sao, Tadpole, and Jeem having a carefree bath ...

38. ... the best part of an elephant’s day

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