Communities in Flames: Proceedings of an International Conference on Community Involvement in Fire Management

Edited by
Peter Moore, David Ganz, Lay Cheng Tan, Thomas Enters and Patrick B. Durst

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Bangkok, Thailand

FireFight South East Asia


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Eucalyptus plantation in Congo by Takeshi Toma, CIFOR, Indonesia

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Efforts to extinguish fires in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, in 1998 © WWF-Cannon/WWF Indonesia

Forest fires in Kinabaangan in Sabah, Malaysia, in 1998 © WWF-Cannon/WWF Malaysia

Haze from fires in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1998 © WWF-Cannon/WWF Malaysia

Forest fire in Costa Rica by Stephen Homer, ACDI-CIDA

Large picture:

Sungai Manau Jambi, Kerinci National Park, Indonesia, by Alain Compost

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Table of Contents





Living with fire: summary of Communities in flames international conference - David Ganz and Peter Moore

Community involvement in fire management: cases and recommendations for community-based fire management in Thailand - Pearmsak Makarabhirom, David Ganz and Surin Onprom

Learning across borders: community-based fire management - Kalimantan to California - Judith Mayer

Community-based fire management, land tenure and conflict: insights from Sumatra, Indonesia - S. Suyanto, Grahame Applegate and Luca Tacconi

Community participation in integrated forest fire management: experiences from Africa, Asia and Europe - Johann G. Goldammer, Peter G.H. Frost, Mike Jurvélius, Evelien M. Kamminga, Teri Kruger, Soo Ing Moody and Manuel Pogeyed

The development of a community-based approach for an integrated forest fire management system in East Kalimantan, Indonesia - Hartmut M. Abberger, Bradford M. Sanders and Helmut Dotzauer

Experiences in community forest fire control in Viet Nam - Ha Thi Linh

Forest and fire suppression in East Kalimantan, Indonesia - Chandradewana Boer

Extinguishing the 1998 forest fires and subsequent coal fires in the Sungai Wain Protection Forest, East Kalimantan, Indonesia - Gabriella Fredriksson

Community-based disaster management: a response to increased risks to disaster with emphasis on forest fires - Johan Kieft and Aspian Nur

Review of the participatory forest fire prevention programmes in Jambi and West Kalimantan, Indonesia - Masahiro Otsuka, Sumantri, Kuspriyadi and Syaharuddin

Why don’t they come and discuss together? Community-initiated stakeholder co-ordination on forest fire management in rural Gambia - Kebba Sonko, Saikou Samateh, Kanimang Camara and Clemens Beck

Forest fire in the context of territorial rights in northern Thailand - Atchara Rakyutidharm

Fire in miombo woodlands: a case study of Bukombe District Shinyanga, Tanzania - Nssoko Edwin

Traditional community-based fire management among the Mizo shifting cultivators of Mizoram in northeast India - V.T. Darlong

Community participation in fire management planning: a case from California, USA - Yvonne Everett

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