A Basic Laboratory Manual for the Small-Scale Production and Testing of I-2 Newcastle Disease Vaccine

RAP publication 2002/22

Sally E. Grimes

ISBN 974-7946-26-2

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents




1. Newcastle disease vaccines: an overview

2. Basic laboratory skills

3. Laboratory safety: an overview

4. Incubation of fertile eggs

5. Candling eggs

6. Inoculation of embryonated eggs by the allantoic cavity route

7. Collection of blood from chickens

8. Preparation of washed chicken red blood cells

9. Harvesting and storage of allantoic fluid

10. Haemagglutination test

11. Serology

12. Titrating Newcastle disease virus for infectivity

13. The production of I-2 Newcastle disease vaccine

14. Quality control: an overview

15. Isolation of virulent Newcastle disease virus

16. Cleaning and decontamination

17. Frequently asked questions

18. Glossary

19. Bibliography

Appendix 1. Newcastle disease: an overview

Appendix 2. Newcastle disease virus: classification and important viral proteins

Appendix 3. Media and solutions

Appendix 4. Two-fold serial dilutions

Appendix 5. Ten-fold serial dilutions

Appendix 6. Calculation of arithmetic and geometric means

Appendix 7. Dilutions

Appendix 8. Notes on centrifugation

Appendix 9. Notes on the anatomy of the embryonated egg

Appendix 10. Calculation and recording sheets