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Grafting can be done on rooted container-grown stock in the nursery or on established usually older field stock.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are listed below:

Nursery graftingField grafting
Grafting procedure quick (short distance between root stocks).Grafting procedure slow (distance between root stocks).
Easy control of identity of the scion.Difficult in keeping control of the identity of the scions.
Grafting can be done under any weather condition.Grafting restricted under adverse weather conditions.
Easy to protect grafting material during grafting.Difficult to protect grafting material from desiccation during the field work.
Easy to manipulate climate optimal for the grafted plants.Special requirement for the protection of the grafted plants in the field.
Few problems with fungal diseases.Problems with fungal diseases.
No problems with restricted root development of the stock.Problems with restricted root development of container plants.
Care of field stock rarely necessary.Labour intensive care of container plants.
Relatively fast growth and early flowering.Relatively slow growth and late flowering.

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