Asia Industrial and Institutional
Stove Compendium

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Asia Industrial and Institutional Stove Compendium
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The Compendium on Small-scale Industrial and Institutional Stoves contains a wealth of information on a sector which generally does not receive much attention from outsiders including policy makers. That is unfortunate, as the small scale industrial sector, in particular those based in rural areas, provides an opportunity for local people to process local raw materials. It creates thereby opportunities to add value to these local products while at the same time generating employment - all important issues for rural development.

Unfortunately, these small scale industries generally have to operate in a competitive environment, not only at the local level but, probably more important, with larger scale industries both in rural and urban areas. The larger sized industries, in comparison to their small scale competitors, generally have a better access to information, production systems, more advanced technologies, markets, financing, technical assistance and so on.

It is in this context that a decision was made to compile information on various of these small scale industrial applications located in the member countries of the Regional Wood Energy Development Programme (RWEDP) as well as of the Asian Regional Cookstove Programme (ARECOP). It is expected that by making this information available to those both directly and indirectly involved, a better understanding and awareness can be created on the problems being faced by this sector.

The Asian Regional Cookstove Programme, having been instrumental in collecting and compiling of the information contained in this compendium, are to be thanked for putting in a tremendous amount of work and efforts in order to bring this compendium to its present shape. We hope, by making the compendium on industrial and institutional stoves available to interested parties and organizations, that the contents will inspire, if not challenge, both internal and external stake holders to look for innovative solutions which may provide some impetus to the small scale industrial and institutional sectors.

Mr. Auke Koopmans
Chief Technical Adviser
Regional Wood Energy Development Programme (RWEDP)

Food and Agriculture Organization Regional Wood Energy Development ProjectAsia Regional Cookstove Program

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1   CASE STUDIES


Study of Stove Used in Silk Reeling Industry


Case Study on Tahu (Soya Bean Cake) Small Industry in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


A.   Biomass Stove for Khuwa Industry

B.   Biomass Stove for Candy Industry

C.   Biomass Stove for Sweetmeat Industry

D.   Biomass Stove for Pop-Rice Industry


A.   Rice Hull Stoves in Salt Industry

B.   Stoves for Smoked Fish Making



Bread Industry

Girl Hostel (1)

Girl Hostel (2)

Kashi Training Institute

Sweetmeat Industry

Tea Stall

Yarn Twisting and Dyeing Industry


Bread Industry

Children Orphanage Center

Khsam Pagoda

Palm Sugar Industry

Teacher Training Center


Cardamom Curing Industry (Large)

Cardamom Curing Industry (Small)

Charka Silk Reeling Industry

Silk Reeling Industry


Bakpia Industry

Coconut Oil Industry

Geplak Industry

Gudeg Restaurant

Beef Rind Industry

Tapioca Chip Industry

Tofu Industry

Wingko Snack Industry


Cane Sugar Industry

Noodle Industry

Paper Making Industry

Salt Industry

Sauna Stove


Sidewalk Restaurants

Tofu Sheet Industry


Khaolam Industry

Boiled Mackerel Industry

Coconut Sugar Industry

Slaughter House


Candle Industry

Plum Jam Industry

Tamarind Juice Industry

Tea Shop


Beaten Rice Industry

Mustard Oil Industry

Roadside Hotel/Restaurant

Sweet Shop

Wool Dyeing Industry


Bibingka Industry

Corn Cubs Industry


Pancit Industry

Pinatubo Eatery

Rice Cake Industry


Ashmee Industry

Bakery Industry

Murukku Industry

Noodle Industry

Palm Honey Industry

String Hopper Industry

Yogurt Industry


Cane Sugar Industry

Dormitory Canteen


Tea Industry

Tofu Industry