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'A handbook for training of disabled on rural enterprise development' is the outcome of the on-going collaboration between Wim Polman, Rural Development Officer of the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, and specialized training institutions and other interested agencies within the region, aimed at improving livelihoods of small farmers and other rural persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific.

We would like to thank all those people who contributed directly and indirectly in the preparation of this handbook and express special appreciation to Sunee Saisupatpon, Head of the Vocational Development and Employment Subdivision from the Office of the Committee on Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Thailand, who provided case studies of mentally and physically disabled successful entrepreneurs; Kannika Saruasuwan, Head of Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind at the Education and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind in Roi-et, Thailand, who provided case studies and pictures of visually-impaired successful entrepreneurs; and Johanne Hanko who, since 1997, has been working as a technical specialist with the FAO regional office in the fields of rural development, disabled persons in agriculture and agro-industry and disadvantaged social groups. Over the same period, Ms Hanko has been associated with RAP in activities of the UN Thematic Working Group on Disability-related Concerns, which brings together UN agencies, NGOs and others. Working in Thailand for over 13 years, she is also an entrepreneur and specialist in environmental engineering and management.

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