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What is management?

Management is a system in the business to ensure that it is successful, effective and on time and costs and losses are as low as possible. Management is included in all steps of the work or in undertaking that business. This includes management of materials, and how you can make the most effective use of these materials.

How do you manage production?

Management of production means; how to manage the production system so that it is effective and has the least amount of loss.

How do you manage transportation?

Management of transportation means how to transport the product fast, with the lowest costs so that the product quality remains high.

How do you reduce costs?

Cost reduction is reducing the manufacturing costs so that there is a higher profit. This can be done for example, by purchasing a lot of raw materials so that the price per unit/kilo/metre/yard is reduced. It can be purchased at a bulk/wholesale price rather than per item.

How do you form a group to work together / work in a group system?

Forming a group or working as a group will allow you to buy materials cheaply. Besides that, by selling products together, you can reduce the cost of sales, by reducing the costs of transportation, meals and accommodation which occur when selling products

Using the tradition of working bees as the system of work, can have results, and can benefit many activities. For example, a group of 10 lynchee farmers determine a system to work together, including ploughing, plant lynchees, cutting grass, spray weeds, pruning. When it is time to work in one garden, then the other 9 farmers come to help. For example, on the 5th May 2001 they arrange to cut grass in Jakor's garden. The other members will go to help him. This will make working fun, there are friends so it iss not boring and the work is finished quickly, also you can use the same equipment. For example, ploughing. Not everyone needs to purchase a tractor, in one group one or two people with tractors is sufficient as they can help the other members plough their fields. The other members may help with petrol and it is using the maximum benefit of the tractor. Other members may have other equipment which is different and can be used by members of the group in exchange.

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