RAP publication 2004/01

Promoting rural women's cooperative
businesses in Thailand
A training kit

Smita Premchander and V. Prameela
in collaboration with
Wim Polman

Bangkok, 2004


Table of Contents

The FAO Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) Project
Capacity Building for Promotion of Cooperative Small Farmer and Women Group Activities

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Table of Contents





Module 1 - Introduction and objectives sharing

Session 1 - Inauguration of programme
Session 2 - Introduction of participants
Session 3 - Sharing objectives

Module 2 - Understanding women's cooperative businesses

Session 1 - Definition and classification of business
Session 2 - Understand business through the MAIR model
Session 3 - Indicators of successful women's cooperative businesses
Session 4 - Understanding women's cooperative businesses

Module 3 - Gender issues in women's cooperative businesses

Session 1 - Understanding the concept of gender
Session 2 - Gender issues in Thai society
Session 3 - Gender issues in women's cooperative businesses

Module 4 - Costing and pricing

Session 1 - Costing: concept and practice
Session 2 - Pricing: concept and practice

Module 5 - Bookkeeping and financial statements

Session 1 - Importance of bookkeeping and basic books of accounts
Session 2 - Profit and loss accounts

Module 6 - Marketing

Session 1 - What is marketing?
Session 2 - Elements of marketing
Session 3 - Marketing visit
Session 4 - Marketing channels

Module 7 - Savings, risk management and use of profits

Session 1 - Concept of savings
Session 2 - Concept of risk management
Session 3 - Use of profits

Module 8 - Business planning

Session 1 - What is a business plan, why a business plan and structure of a business plan

Module 9 - Leadership and team work

Session 1 - Concept of leadership and team work

Module 10 - Networking

Session 1 - Discussion on networking in groups

Module 11 - Monitoring and evaluation

Session 1 - Evaluating women's cooperative businesses
Session 2 - Preparation of action plans
Session 3 - Information for monitoring and support

Module 12 - Feedback of training

Session 1 - Feedback of training

Module 13 - Sector case studies


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