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1 Introduction

The Food and agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) carries out regular reviews and assessments of the forestry sector at the national and sub national level. The FAO Project, "Strengthening Country Capacity in Forest Resources Assessment for Sustainable Forest Planning in the Asia Pacific Region (GCP/RAS/162/JPN)", is reviewing the status, planning efforts and databases of forests in South Asian countries.

One objective of the project is to produce working papers on each of the South Asian countries. These working papers will provide current information on the forest resources, the eco-socio-political context, forest policy and forest planning processes. The contents of these working papers will differ due to variation in the extent and depth of the information that is available. However, an attempt has been made to provide the maximum conformity among them. These papers are mainly based on published information but creditable unpublished information that is available at the national, regional or sub-national level has also been utilized. The digital version of these papers will be available on the project web site "FAO-ICFRE.UP.NIC.IN. FAO welcomes suggestions and information that can improve the utility of these working papers.

Dr. Kailash Govil
Regional Project Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

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