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The importance of Non-Wood Forest Products is at a certain extent recognised, especially by potential users. Its contribution to the diet constitutes an element of great importance for survival of many people, therefore require attention. The traditional medicine from plant and animal also contributes considerably to the treatment of various diseases, a fact broadly recognised.

Non-Wood Forest Products are main source providing food, medicine and also a source of income for a large number of inhabitants of rural area.

As already mentioned above, its economical value, very important to the national economy, is not taken into consideration when it comes to planning, i.e. completely forgotten by the decision-makers. This factor is hampering the sustainable management of the forestry sector and its resources.

The sector in charge of forestry resources has not included in its list a lot of Non-Wood Forest Products, essential to enhance its socio-economic importance. Therefore, there is a great need, as a starting point, of reviewing and developing the sector of statistics of the Institute of Forestry Development, before undertaking any other crucial actions related to Non-Wood Forest Products.

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