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At the Institute of Forestry Development

Mr. Malaquias José

Director of Forest

Mr. Domingos Veloso

Head of Planning and Studies Bureau

Mr. Gregório Gongolo

Head of Forestry Department

Mr. Joaquim Feliciano

Head of Inspection and Control Department

Mr. Francisco J. António

Head of Wildlife Department

Mr. Mauricio Rodrigues

Chief of Beekeeping Division, Forestry Department

Mr. Agosto Kibambo

Chief of Wildlife Division, Department of Wildlife

Mr. Herculano Pederneira

Expert in Wildlife, Department of Wildlife

Mr. Joaquim Sousa

Chief of Inland Fishery Division, Department of Wildlife

Mr. Virgílio Dipinda

Chief of Inspection and Control Division

Mr. Santino Campos

Chief of Cadastral Division, Inspection and Control Department

Mr. Luta K. Kingengo

Director of Forest, Uige province

Mr. Domingos N’Dedica

Chief of Statistics Division, Planning and Studies Bureau

Mr. Mateus Silva

Chief of Cynegetics Division, Department of Wildlife

Mrs. Elisabete de Almeida

Director of Institute of Forestry Development, Luanda province


At São Paulo Market:


Mrs. Mariana Kapingana

Medicine seller

Mrs. Joana Capelo

Medicine seller

Mrs. Rosa Nsimba

Medicine seller


At Kwanza Market:


Mrs. Rosa Nsala

Medicine seller

Mrs. Madalena Mbala

Medicine seller

Mrs. Mbenga Madalena

Medicine seller

Mrs. Teresa Lubaki

Bushmeat seller

Mrs. Luisa da Conceicão

Bushmeat seller


At Congolese Market:


Mrs. Branca Morena

Bushmeat seller

Mrs. Taniana Lubaki

Bushmeat selleR

Mrs. Josefina Vieira

Bushmeat seller

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