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The review focused on the status, progress, issues, challenges and needs related to the development and implementation of national codes of practice for forest harvesting and RIL in ASEAN Member Countries. The two-person consultant team that undertook the review used the Code of Practice for Forest Harvesting in Asia-Pacific (FAO, 1999), the APFC Regional Strategy for Implementing the Code of Practice (APFC, 2000), and the Regional Training Strategy (FAO, 2001) as benchmarks to assess the status and progress of national code implementation.

The review was performed between January and May 2005 for the ASEAN Secretariat in accordance with the Terms of Reference provided in Annex 1. It consisted of:

The mission to Lao PDR, Malaysia and Myanmar involved field visits. The consultants did not have the opportunity to conduct a field site inspection in Indonesia due to time constraints; instead they relied on personal experience and the experience of personnel contacted.

This synthesis report provides detaiIs on the following aspects: