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Framework for action – summary

Based on the outputs presented and the recommendations generated from the plenary discussions, the working groups drafted one of the main outputs of this consultation, i.e. a framework for action.

Thrust Focus Goal Organizations aligned with area Possible time frame Comments
Capacity Building for ICT use Web site development & use for NARES Increase NARES public profile & information flows (both internal and external)



Work ongoing through APAARI initiative.
Could be basis for developing COP*.

  Information collection, analysis and use skills Capacity building with regional & national org. staff APAARI, FAO, Thai AGRIS, PhilAgriNet, etc. Ongoing Tool: IMARK.
Training workshops of various organizations. 
  ICT skills within NARES Facilitate & encourage use of ICT to improve work Ministries, PhilAgriNet 2006–7

Can be linked to national level workshops (e.g. USP, SPC) and also to regional level initiatives of FAO, APAARI, etc.
Projects such as VERCON Bhutan. 

  Community level ICT skills development Facilitate & encourage use of ICT to improve work PFNet, Ministries, NGOs, communities like Ban Samkha 2007–8 Can be linked to ongoing work including that of NGOs, UNESCO, APAARI, SPC, USP, etc.
Content Document innovations & success stories on application of ICT in rural development Facilitate exchange of information & encourage dynamic use of ICT APAARI, FAO, UNESCO, other UN agencies, SPC, other regional orgs., HAII 2006–9

Work under this subject ongoing.
Need to assure information is widely disseminated.

Develop specific contents for different functions & target different audiences with different media:
2) Managers
3) Extensionists
4) Researchers
5) NGOs
6) Communities
7) Farmers
8) Youth
9) Women
10) Students/schools
11) Teachers
Ensure relevant information is available to meet identified needs APAARI, FAO, Ministries, NARES, USP and other academic institutions 2006–9

Media should include traditional as well as new technologies, with linkages between types.
Delivery vehicles include ODL, print, CD-ROMs, tool kits, etc. 

Information management standards Critical need to raise awareness of standards and bring more participation to identifying and agreeing upon common standards. ICRISAT, FAO, Kasetsart Univ., others Ongoing

Ontology workshop schedule for mid-2006.
APAN initiatives.
National activities such as AGROVOC development in Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. 

Networking Face-to-face events as appropriate Enable training, update and upgrade professional networks All organizations 2006–9 To reduce costs, these should be tied into existing activities as much as possible.
Strengthen existing COPs Facilitate virtual networking and exchange of information and ideas APAARI, FAO, SPC, USP Ongoing New IMARK module on e-communities could serve in capacity building role.
Many networks
exist, but they need support/action.
* COP = community of practice

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