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Poster Session 7
“Successes and failures: Stakeholders and
development agencies perspectives in enhancing
the livelihoods of communities on light
textured sandy soil”

Reclamation of deteriorated land in
Khao Hin Sorn Royal Development Study Center

Swuttanakoon, S.1; K. Tiwatri1 and B. Patanakanok1

Keywords: Rehabilitation sandy soils, agroforestry


Forty years ago the area of the Khao Hin Sorn Royal Development Study Center was covered by fertile forest. Due to deforestation for cultivation of corn and cassava without soil improvement, the land became infertile and erosion-prone area.

The Khao Hin Sorn Royal Development Study Center was established under the initiative of H.M. the King in 1979, at Khao Hin Sorn sub-district, Phanom Sarakarm District, Chachoengsao Province. The objective is to develop farmers’ land by means of water resources development, forest rehabilitation and application of production techniques in agriculture and animal husbandry, where farmers and extension workers could visit, observe demonstrations and obtain some knowledge on agriculture to apply in their real life. Agroforestry was conducted as a systematic framework for cooperation in development work among the various government agencies on an area of 340 hectares. Over the past 25 years, natural resources have been reclaimed. The area has improved significantly and serves as a successful demonstration model to conduct development activities to improve the well-being of people in surrounding areas. According to field surveys of the area and cross checked by Quick Bird satellite image (taken in November 2004), it can be conclude that the percentage of forest area, field crops, orchard, horticulture, pasture and paddy field, infrastructure and water resources are 46.26, 20.27, 3.26, 0.45, 0.07, 18.73 and 10.97 of the area respectively.

1 Khao Hin Sorn Development Study Center, Land Development Department, Chachengsao, Thailand.

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