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Contributors To This Manual

Completion of this manual was aided by the hard work and dedication of the following contributors:

Participants of the 1997 Training Session
Mr. John Legata,Solomon IslandsGreen Snail
Mr. Mataora Marsters,Cook IslandGreen Snail
Mr. Mosese Mateaki,TongaGreen Snail
Mr. Posa Skelton,SamoaGreen Snail
Mr. Roland Sigrah,FSMGreen Snail
Mr. Siola'a Malimali,TongaGreen Snail
Mr. Sosaia Niumeitolu,TongaGreen Snail

Participants of the 1998 Training session
Mr. Kalo M. PakoaVanuatuGreen Snail
Mr. Jovesa KorovulavulaFijiGreen Snail
Mr. Sitiveni SefesiTongaGreen Snail
Mr. Anthony S. IlanoPhilippinesTrochus
Ms. Tirae TabeeKiribatiTrochus
Mr. 'Ofa Ki-Muli PaongoTongaTrochus
Mr. Samuela Buka TaliliFiji (USP)Abalone
Mr. Junior deBrumMarshallAbalone
Mr. Feauini'o Talau ViTongaAbalone
Mr. Ken-ichi KikutaniJICA Green snail Specialist
Dr. Hiroshi YamakawaJICA Resource Person (Tokyo University of Fisheries)
Ms. Premala ArulampalamFAO SPADP Course Coordinator
Mr. 'Ulunga Fa'anunuTonga Ministry of Fisheries Resource Person
Mr. Sione MatotoTonga Ministry of Fisheries Resource Person

Production Staff

Editorial SupervisorsDr. Hiroshi Yamakawa
Mr. Ken-ichi Kikutani
Editor & Photograph DesignerMr. Akira Tsuno
EditorMs. Lavinia Vaikona
Assistant EditorMr. Matafonua Langi

Participants of the 1997 Training

Participants of the 1998 Training


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to JICA, Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga, and Mr.Hideyuki Tanaka of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Regional South Pacific Aquaculture Development Project-Phase II (SPADP), for coordinating and funding this training.

Many thanks to the Ministry of Fisheries Tonga and JICA for providing the facilities and materials that made this training possible.

Our appreciation and gratitude to Mr.Ken-ichi Kikutani, the chief resource person for the course. His hard work and patience are commendable and it was a great honor working with him. Special gratitude and thanks to Dr.Hiroshi Yamakawa, JICA short term expert (Tokyo University of Fisheries) for the technical and statistical expertise he shared.

Special thanks to Mr.Shigeaki Sone of JICA, Mr.'Ulunga Fa'anunu, Mr.Sione Matoto and Ms.Lavinia Vaikona Tonga Fisheries and Ms.'Emeline Tupou, JICA Project Secretary.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank JOCV for their support and to Mr.Akira Tsuno for his help in obtaining the photos for this manual.

We would also like to thank Mr.Mark Keusenkothen of Peace Corps Volunteers, and Ms.Premala Arulampalam of SPADP for the editing and compiling work done.

Our gratitude and appreciation go to those who helped us to attain the knowledge that we now have, and to those who have contributed to the success of this regional on-the-job training, but who have not been mentioned individually.

All Participants


This manual was produced to help aquaculturists in seed production of marine snails in their respective tropic island nations. It was produced by the participants of regional on-the-job-training workshops held in Tonga in February – March 1997 and March – April 1998.

The manual has the following objectives:

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