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1.Heavy rain
  1.1Prepare the evacuation tanks.
 1.2Set strong aeration.
 1.3Check seawater salinity.
 1.4If salinity is less than 30‰, transfer green snail/trochus to the evacuation tanks.
2.Before Cyclone
 1.1Fill all the empty tanks with high salinity seawater.
 1.2.Fasten tightly sun shade screens to the raceway tanks

List of Project Field Documents

No. 1-Survey of commercial seaweed available in South-East Viti Levu (Fiji Islands): A preliminary study of farming potential of seaweed species present in Fiji by T. Pickering and S. Mario
No. 2-Commercial sponge survey in Kiribati and sponge farming development in the South Pacific by R. Croft
No .3-Comparative taste test on Nile tilapia and marine fish in Samoa and Nauru by L.Bell, et al
No. 4-Survey of seaweed “Limu Tang'u” (Cladosiphon sp) in Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u Island in Tonga: Observation on growth in December 1996 by E.Lovell
No. 5-Potential of commercial development of Mabe pearl farming in Vava'u Islands, Kingdom of Tonga by T.Yamamoto and H.Tanaka
No. 6-Potential of milkfish farming development in Fiji. by T.Yanagisawa by E.Dela Cruz
No. 7 *-Sea cucumber ranching in Japan and applications for the South Pacific by T.Yanagisawa
No.8-Market Survey of Aquarium Giant Clams in Japan By H.Okada
No.9-Feasibility Study on the relocation of Naduruloulou Aquaculture Research Station, Fiji by E.Woynarovich
No.10-Technical guidance on pearl oyster hatchery development in the Kingdom of Tong by M.Ito
No.11 *-Construction of tilapia demonstration pond and technical guidance on its farming in Samoa by S.Nandlal
No.12 *-Feasibility study of green snail (Turbo marmoratus) and trochus (Trochus niloticus) transplantation to Samoa by M.Amos
No.13-Pearl marketing trends with emphasis on Black Pearl Markets by Y. Hisada
No.14-Manual of marine snail seed production and stock enhancement by K. Kikutani, H.Yamakawa, et al.
No.15 *-Technical guidance on Java carp and common carp seed production at the Highlands Aquaculture Development Centre, Papua New Guinea by Z.Jangkaru
No.16 *-Recommendation towards shrimp farming industry development in Solomon Islands by H. Kongkeo
No.17 **-Potential of Eucheuma seaweed farming development in Tonga and Samoa by D. Luxton

* In printing

** Under preparation

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