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106. The participant from Malaysia, Dr. Mashhor Bin Mansor of the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the country participants. He thanked the French Government for its support to the study and FAO for its assistance in the inception and organisation of the regional study. He conveyed the deep appreciation of participants and the governments to NACA for its successful implementation. He thanked the resource persons and their respective organisations for their guidance and expert assistance to the study and for the deliberations of the workshop.

107. The NACA Co-ordinator closed the workshop. In his closing speech, he reiterated his thanks to the Government of France, FAO, the resource persons and the study participants for their contributions to the project. He assured everyone of NACA's follow-up actions to the recommendations. He conveyed his gratitude to the governments for their co-operation in this regional effort.

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