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· The community diversity seed fairs should be organized regularly by rural communities preferably once per year after the main harvest period. These seed fairs are an excellent opportunity for farmers to display and exchange their local seed varieties and the related local knowledge. It is important to highlight, that women farmers, who are very often seed management specialists, have easy access to this kind of seed fair.

· During the seed fairs a cultural programme should be organized. The presentation of songs, poems and theater pieces attracts a lot of attention also from the younger generation. During these events the participants can learn to value and appreciate the importance of local agrobiodiversity management and practices for food security.

· The community diversity seed fairs are a good learning opportunity for all the participants. The seed fairs should be used to bring men and women farmers together with extension staff and researchers to exchange germplasm, different crop varieties and experiences. Moreover the seed fairs offer a good occasion to combine the event with participatory plant breeding exercises and other mutual learning and experimenting opportunities for the participants.

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