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We think that there are good reasons to use this manual in small groups for analysis and discussion.

If you work these ideas with other farmers or with members of your family, information will be better understood and it might benefit others.  Discussion and group work will increase the possibilities  of applying these ideas to your decisions concerning farm work. Whichever way you choose, this manual was prepared to be used either individually or in small groups.

"The purpose of this manual is to be useful to you".

This is a self-teaching manual and you should not read it as a  common book.  To learn the subject matter, you will have to fill in sentences by writing the missing word or words and answer some questions.  It is important that you answer each question before continuing your studies as in this way you will learn.

The correct answers are on the following page. Do not cheat by looking for the answers before replying. This will hamper your  learning.

There is a self-evaluation test at the end of each chapter, except  Number 1 and 7. These have been prepared so that you may check what you have learned and what you should review.

The left hand pages of the Manual are inverted or upside down. Do not worry about it.  Read the right hand pages first and when you reach the end, invert the text and continue your reading.