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A qualitative assessment of opportunities and costs

The schemes included in this review were identified through personal knowledge, contacts and a thorough Internet search, which started from aquaculture certification material posted on the NACA Web site.10

When information was not available on the Web site, e-mail communication was also conducted with the contacts provided on the official Web site or through personal contacts. Information gathered at the FAO/NACA Expert Workshop on Guidelines for Aquaculture Certification held in Bangkok from 27-30 March 2007 was also included in the review, in addition to information from other relevant documents.

Although it would be practically impossible to cover all the possible certification schemes of relevance to the aquaculture sector, an attempt was made to be as inclusive as possible to provide a wide overview of the potential options. Nevertheless, only schemes of relevance to aquaculture production were included in the review, as schemes applicable only to higher levels in the supply chain (e.g. processors) were considered less relevant.


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