Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook

Gender in


Juergen Voegele

Agriculture and Rural Development
The World Bank

Marcela Villarreal

Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

Rodney Cooke

Technical Advisory Division
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
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DOI: 10.1596/978-0-8213-7587-7

Table of Contents

Foreword [Download 309 Kb]
Sourcebook Overview

Module 1: Gender and Food Security [Download Modules 1-2 ; 514 Kb]

Module 2: Gender and Agricultural Livelihoods: Strengthening Governance
Thematic Note 1 Gender in Policy-Making Processes
Thematic Note 2 Institutionalizing Gender in the Agriculture Sector
Thematic Note 3 Decentralization and Community-Driven Development
Thematic Note 4 Gender, Self-Help Groups, and Farmer Organizations in the Agricultural Sector
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan: Gender and Governance Issues in Local Government
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Côte d’Ivoire: Gender in Agricultural Services Reforms
Innovative Activity Profile 3 Sri Lanka: Gemidiriya Community Development and Livelihood Improvement Project

Module 3: Gender and Rural Finance [Download Modules 3-4 ; 564 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Organizational Gender Mainstreaming: Models and Strategies
Thematic Note 2 Rural Finance Products: From Access to Empowerment
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Andhra Pradesh, India: A Women-Managed Community Financial System
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Uganda: Kabarole Research and Resource Centre’s Participatory, Self-Managed Microfinance Model

Module 4: Gender Issues in Land Policy and Administration
Thematic Note 1 Gendered Access to Land and Property
Thematic Note 2 Legal Reforms and Women’s Property Rights
Thematic Note 3 Land Dispute Resolution
Thematic Note 4 Gender-Responsive Titling
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Nepal:Women Gain a Voice and Greater Access to Resources through the Hills Leasehold Project
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Honduras: A Pilot Project Protects Women’s Rights to Productive Resources

Module 5: Gender and Agricultural Markets [Download Modules 5-6 ; 551 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Strengthening the Business Environment
Thematic Note 2 Capacity Development for Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs
Thematic Note 3 Collective Action and Market Linkages
Thematic Note 4 Supporting Agricultural Value-Adding Strategies
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Bangladesh: The Six-Step Marketing Extension Tool
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Andhra Pradesh, India: Making the Market Work for the Poor — Community-Managed
                                                                         Procurement Centers for Small and Marginal Farmers
Innovative Activity Profile 3 Bangladesh: Linking Poor Women to the International Prawn Market — The Greater
                                                          Noakhali Aquaculture Extension Project

Module 6: Gender Mainstreaming in Agricultural Water Management
Thematic Note 1 Gender and Multiple-Use Water Services
Thematic Note 2 Gender and Institutional Approaches to Groundwater Development and Management
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Ghana: Upper East Region Land Conservation and Smallholder Rehabilitation Project (LACOSREP)
Innovative Activity Profile 2 The Gambia: Lowlands Agricultural Development Programme (LADEP)

Module 7: Gender in Agricultural Innovation and Education [Download Modules 7-8 ; 560 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Gender in Extension Organizations
Thematic Note 2 Gender and Participatory Research
Thematic Note 3 Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension and Training
Thematic Note 4 Labor-Saving Technologies and Practices
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Peru: Natural Resource Management in the Southern Highlands
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Tanzania: Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Development
Innovative Activity Profile 3 Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools: Empowering Orphans and Vulnerable Youth Living
                                      in a World with HIV and AIDS

Module 8: Gender Issues in Agricultural Labor
Thematic Note 1 Gender and Informal Labor
Thematic Note 2 Labor Rights and Decent Work for Women Agricultural Laborers
Thematic Note 3 Gender and Employment in Labor-Intensive Export Agriculture
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Thailand: Cargill’s Labor Improvement Program for Sun Valley Foods

Module 9: Gender in Rural Infrastructure for Agricultural Livelihoods [Download Modules 9-10 ; 623 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Rural Transport
Thematic Note 2 Energy
Thematic Note 3 Information and Communication Technologies
Thematic Note 4 Sanitation, Hygiene, and Potable Water
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Peru: Rural Roads Project, Second Phase
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Malaysia: Community E-Centers

Module 10: Gender and Natural Resources Management
Thematic Note 1 Gender and Biodiversity
Thematic Note 2 Gender Dimensions of Climate Change
Thematic Note 3 Gender and Bioenergy
Thematic Note 4 Gender and Natural Disasters
Thematic Note 5 Gender Dimensions of Land and Water Degradation and Desertification
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Gender, Biodiversity, and Local Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LinKS) for Food Security
Innovative Activity Profile 2 India: Karnataka Watershed Development Project

Module 11: Gender and Crises: Implications for Agriculture [Download Modules 11-12 ; 485 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Risk Management and Preventive Action
Thematic Note 2 From Relief to Recovery and Self-Reliance: The Relationship between Food Aid
and Agriculture in Complex Emergencies
Thematic Note 3 Managing Land and Promoting Recovery in Postcrisis Situations
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Food Aid versus Agricultural Support and Sustenance of Social Capital
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Niger: Taking Preventive Action with Food Banks

Module 12: Gender in Crop Agriculture
Thematic Note 1 Gender and Soil Productivity Management
Thematic Note 2 Gender in Seed Production and Distribution
Thematic Note 3 Gender and Crop Protection

Module 13: Gender in Fisheries and Aquaculture [Download Modules 13-14 ; 448 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Gender-Responsive Institutions for Accessing and Managing Resources
Thematic Note 2 Family-Based Systems for Aquaculture Development in Asia
Thematic Note 3 Associations for Protecting the Livelihoods of Fishers, Processors, and Traders
Thematic Note 4 Gender and Alternative Livelihoods for Fishing Communities
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Indonesia: Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program
Innovative Activity Profile 2 CARE Bangladesh: Family Approaches in Integrated Aquaculture

Module 14: Gender and Livestock
Thematic Note 1 Livestock Disease Control and Biosecurity
Thematic Note 2 Livestock Marketing, Market Integration, and Value Chains
Thematic Note 3 The Development and Use of Livestock Technologies to Improve Agricultural Livelihoods
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Chiapas, Mexico: Indigenous Women in Sheep Improvement Research
Innovative Activity Profile 2 Maasai Men’s and Women’s Knowledge in Cattle Breeding

Module 15: Gender and Forestry [Download Modules 15-16 ; 471 Kb]
Thematic Note 1 Forests as Safety Nets: Gender, Strengthening Rights, and Reducing Vulnerability
Thematic Note 2 Agroforestry Landscapes: Gendered Space, Knowledge, and Practice
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Enterprise Development Project: Protected Areas and Ecotourism

Module 16: Gender Issues in Monitoring and Evaluation
Thematic Note 1 Design of Sound Gendered Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
Thematic Note 2 Gender in High-Level Programs, Policies, and Newer Aid Modalities: How Should We Monitor It?
Thematic Note 3 Setting Gender-Sensitive Indicators and Collecting Gender-Disaggregated Data
Innovative Activity Profile 1 Training Community Members to Carry Out Project Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Index [Download 285 Kb]