Trials of Improved Practices (TIPs)
Reference Notes and Tools
A Manual for TIPs Trainers and Implementers


Trials of Improved Practices (TIPs)
Reference Notes and Tools

A Manual for TIPs Trainers and Implementers


FAO European Union Food Facility Project
July 2011

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FAO EU Food Facility Project
Project “Improve the Food Security of Farming Families
Affected by Volatile Food Prices”

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Table of Contents

List of Photos, Figures and Diagrams
List of Abbreviations
Introduction - 410kb

PART I: Reference Notes For TIPs Implementers - 2.1Mb

1.1 Reference Notes 1: The Food We Eat
1.2 Reference Notes 2: Food Needs of Infants and Young Children Pregnant and Lactating Women and Sick Children
1.3 Reference Notes 3: Brief Presentation on Seasonal Food Availability Calendars
1.4 Reference Notes 4: Facilitation Skills and Qualities of a Good Facilitator
1.5 Reference Notes 5: What is TIPs, Why Undertake TIPs and How
1.6 Reference Notes 6: Nutrition Counselling
1.7 Reference Notes 7: Tips on Developing Improved Complementary Feeding Recipes
1.8 Reference Notes 8: Food Safety and Hygiene
1.9 Reference Notes 9: Conducting Cooking Demonstrations
1.10 Reference Notes 10: Community Mobilization for TIPs

PART II: Summary of TIPs Tools and When to Use Them - 1.8Mb

Summary of TIPs Tools and When to Use Them
2.1 TIPs Tool 1: Checklist for Initial Assessment Home Visit (Assessing Household Food Availability/Accessibility and Family Feeding Practices)
Part 1
2.1Mb - Part 2 2.1Mb
2.2 TIPs Tool 2: Child Feeding Classifi cation Form and Tool of Identifying Possible Improvements - 434kb
2.3 TIPs Tool 3: Counselling Guide - 250kb
2.4 TIPs Tool 4: Recording Form on Outcomes of Counselling and Follow-up Visits -692kb
2.5 TIPs Tool 5: Recording Form on Issues Requiring the Advice of the Provincial Supervisor - 201kb
2.6 TIPs Tool 6: TIPs Evaluation Form I: for District TIPs Implementers -1.2Mb
2.7 TIPs Tool 7: TIPs Evaluation Form II: for Completion by Provincial Supervisor (Provincial TIPs Implementer) - 1.2Mb
2.8 TIPs Tool 8: Checklist for Monitoring Visits By Provincial and National Level Supervisors - 758kb


Annex I: Proposed Workshop Programme for Training TIPs Implementers
Annex II: Proposed improved complementary feeding recipes

© FAO 2011