UN Enviroment Programme

Chapter 3. Sources of soil pollution


The sources of soil pollution are very varied and range from the primary sector to the final stages of the life cycle of everyday products. For this reason, in order to prevent and reduce soil pollution, greater efforts must be made to reduce the use and production of toxic chemicals; to regulate and control industries to verify that their emissions do not introduce (or do so in very low concentrations and in a controlled manner) contaminants into the environment; and that production and consumption systems move towards more sustainable schemes in which waste production is reduced. Greater investment is also needed in the appropriate treatment of urban and industrial and toxic waste, including recycling and second life strategies, thus promoting a more circular, sustainable and less polluting economy. It is also important to strengthen the transfer of knowledge to those countries with fewer resources regarding the production, use and management of toxic products and to contribute to a shift towards cleaner technologies in these countries as well.