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The preparation of the SOLAW 2021 report has benefited from the support and input of a number of individuals and institutions.

Overall supervision and review: L. Li and S. Koo-Oshima.

Early stage conceptualization: E. Mansur and O. Unver.

Coordination: F. Ziadat.

Chapter authors: V. Boerger, D. Bojic, P. Bosc, M. Clark, D. Dale, M. England, J. Hoogeveen, S. Koo-Oshima, P. Mejias Moreno, D. Muchoney, F. Nachtergaele, M. Salman, S. Schlingloff, O. Unver, R. Vargas, L. Verchot, Y. Yigini and F. Ziadat.

Editorial team: M. Kay (chief editor), S. Bunning and J. Burke.

Independent Advisory Committee: U. Apel, M. Astralaga, A. Bahri, F. Denton, J. Herrick, B. Hubert, B. Orr, G. de Santi, J. Sara, A. P. Schlosser, A. Szöllösi-Nagy and F. Tubiello.

Further contributions to chapters: W. Ahmad, A. Bhaduri, R. Biancalani, C. Biradar, A. Bres, D. Dale, F. El-Awar, S. Farolfi, S. Giusti, N. Harari, R. Mekdaschi Studer, E. Pek, S. Uhlenbrook, L. Verchot and P. Waalewijn.

External and internal technical reviewers: E. Aksoy, S. Alexander, J. Barron, T. Brewer, S. Burchi, A. Cattaneo, M. Chaya, T. Darwish, B. Davis, I. Elouafi, C. Giupponi, N. Harari, S. Hodgson, P. Lidder, J. Lundqvist, R. Mekdaschi Studer, J. Molina Cruz, L. Montanarella, V. Nangia, T. Oweis, A. Pandya, E. de Pauw, R. Poch, S. Ramasamy, C. Ringler, M. Torero, S. Uhlenbrook, H. Van Velthuyzen, L. Verchot, P. Waalewijn, Y. Wada and P. Zdruli.

Regional consultation process: M. Alagcan, J. Ariyama, I. Beernaerts, A. Bhaduri, T. Estifanos, J. Faures, M. Hamdi, T. Hofer, R. Jehle, T. Lieuw, Y. Niino, V. Nzeyimana, J. Quilty, E. Rurangwa and T. Santivanez.

Process facilitation: R. DeLaRosa, M. Kay, K. Khazal, O. Unver and F. Ziadat.

Copy-editor: C. Brown.

Preparation and review of thematic reports and case studies: M. Abdel Monem, D. Agathine, L. Battistella, O. Berkat, A. Bhaduri, R. Biancalani, E. Borgomeo, A. Bres, M. Bruentrup, A. Cattaneo, F. Chiozza, R. Coppus, D. Dale, B. Davis, P. Dias, M. England, S. Farolfi, J. Faures, L. de Felice, T. Fetsi, M. Flores Maldonado, G. Franceschini, E. Ghosh, I. Gil, V. Gillet, G. Grossman, G. Gruere, F. Haddad, M. Henry, J. Herrick, T. Hoang, A. Huber-Lee, S. Iftekhar, P. Kanyabujinja Nshuti, K. Khazal, B. Kiersch, D. Kulis, J. Lindsay Azie, C. Lucrezia, Z. Makhamreh, Y. Makino, M. Merlet, F. Nachtergaele, V. Nzeyimana, V. Onyango, P. Panagos, L. Peiser, M. Petri, J. Preissing, O. Rochdi, W. Saleh, N. Santos, W. Scheumann, M. de Souza, H. Tropp, G. Veleasco and L. Verchot.

Preparation of statistics and maps: G. Ben Hamouda, J. Burke, F. Chiozza, R. Coppus, M. Hernández, T. Hoang, K. Khazal, M. Marinelli L. Peiser and A. Sander.

Publishing arrangements, communications and graphic design: M. Piraux, J. Morgan, K. Khazal and A. Asselin-Nguyen.

Secretarial assistance: A. Grandi.

Institutions involved in preparation: SOLAW 2021 is a collaborative effort led by the Land and Water Division of FAO in collaboration with several divisions/units at FAO headquarters, regional and country offices, senior advisers and key partners. Appreciation is given to the partner institutions that provided data and written contributions:

Agricultural Research for Development

Asian Soil Partnership

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Environmental Law Institute

Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (Germany)

Future Earth/Water Futures Group

German Development Institute

Griffith University

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture

International Center for Tropical Agriculture

International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

International Water Management Institute

Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Stockholm Environment Institute

Stockholm International Water Institute

Thünen Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries

World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies