AARRaverage annual rate of reduction

ADERaverage dietary energy requirement

ARIMAXAutoregressive Integrated Moving Average with External Explanatory Variable

BMIbody mass index

CEAcontrolled environment agriculture

CoAHDcost and affordability of a healthy diet

CONSIALFood System Council of Metropolitan Lima

CPIconsumer price index

CV coefficient of variation

CV|rCV due to energy requirements

CV|yCV due to income

DECdietary energy consumption

DEGURBADegree of Urbanization

DESdietary energy supply

DHSdemographic and health survey

EUROSTATStatistical Office of the European Union

FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FBDGsfood-based dietary guidelines

FBSFood Balance Sheet

FIESFood Insecurity Experience Scale

FIES-SMFood Insecurity Experience Scale Survey Module

FImod+sevprevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity

FIsevprevalence of severe food insecurity

FLAGfood liaison advisory group


GDPgross domestic product

GHS-POPGlobal Human Settlement Population

GIFTGlobal Individual Food consumption data Tool

GRFCGlobal Report on Food Crises

GWPGallup© World Poll

HDBHealthy Diet Basket

HICshigh-income countries

ICPInternational Comparison Program

IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development

IFPRIInternational Food Policy Research Institute

ILOInternational Labour Organization

IMFInternational Monetary Fund

IPC/CHIntegrated Food Security Phase Classification/Cadre Harmonisé

JMEJoint Child Malnutrition Estimates

LICslow-income countries

LMICslower-middle-income countries

LSMSLiving Standards Measurement Study

LUPPAUrban Laboratory of Public Food Policies

MDERminimum dietary energy requirement

MICsmiddle-income countries

NCDnon-communicable disease

NoUnumber of undernourished

OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PALphysical activity level

pdfprobability density function

PIPPoverty and Inequality Platform

3PLthird-party logistics

PoUprevalence of undernourishment

PPPpurchasing power parity

R&Dresearch and development

RUFSATRapid Urban Food Systems Appraisal Tool

SDstandard deviation

SDGsSustainable Development Goals

SICTssmall and intermediate cities and towns

SMEssmall and medium enterprises

UMICsupper-middle-income countries

UNUnited Nations

UN-HabitatUnited Nations Human Settlements Programme

UNICEFUnited Nations Children’s Fund

UPAurban and peri-urban agriculture

URCAUrban Rural Catchment Areas

URCAsurban–rural catchment areas

WDIworld development indicators

WFPWorld Food Programme

WHAWorld Health Assembly

WHOWorld Health Organization

WPPWorld Population Prospects

WTOWorld Trade Organization

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