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© FAO/Cristiano Minichiello

Funded by PRIMA with a research grant of EUR 2.8 million, the SwitchToHealthy (“Switching Mediterranean consumers to Mediterranean sustainable healthy dietary patterns”) project is implemented in 3 countries by 13 partners over the period 2022–2025. The project aims to generate a dietary behaviour change in the direction of a greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet, by strengthening the role of families in the process of acquiring and maintaining healthy eating habits. The project methodology is based on a citizen-centric circular approach starting from citizens and delivering innovations back to them. A total of 360 families from three Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Spain and Türkiye) will be selected. A combination of hands-on educational materials (toolkit, recipe book), digital tools (mobile apps, social media posts) and innovations (easy-to-eat healthy snacks) are co-designed with selected families to foster eating changes on the basis of a learning-through-playing approach. The project focuses on consumer engagement through surveys and focus groups to generate impact on food consumption patterns, foster adherence to the Mediterranean diet, and understand and influence food preferences of families.

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