Unasylva - No. 104 - Special issue

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Volume 25 - NUMBER 104, 1971

An international review of forestry and forest industries

Published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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FAO - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded at Quebec, Canada, in October 1945 when its Member Nations agreed to work together to secure a lasting peace through freedom from want. The membership of FAO now stands at 125 nations.

Director-General A. H. BOERMA

Unasylva - Published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


Started in 1947, this international review of forestry and forest industries is intended to present a range of interests as wide as that of the Department whose worn it mirrors. Signed articles express the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Organization.

Forestry Department

Assistant Director - General B.K. STEENBERG

Editorial J

Cover. The 1972 FAO Ceres metal is by the French medallist Georges Simon, from a design by Mario Cassola of FAO on the analogy "Forestry is for people." The obverse side represents Indira Gandhi of India, as a stateswoman having some of the heaviest responsibilities of modern times. Ceres was the Roman Goddess of Agriculture.

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Table of Contents

Seventh world forestry congress

Buenos Aires 1972
Congress officers

The global assessment

The crucial forestry issues of today's world as seen from FAO
National organizing commission (Argentina)

Forests and Latin America

The role of forests within an integrated agrarian policy
Foresters and decision-making
Modernizing forestry legislation and financial incentives
Mechanization and rationalization of forest work

The functional analysis

Commission I: The silviculturists
Commission II: The professors, teachers and students
Commission III: The conservationists and recreationists
Commission IV: The loggers
Commission V: The researchers
Commission VI: The economists, administrators and planners
Commission VII: The industrialists
Commission VIII: Open forum

The political synthesis

Work of FAO

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