Unasylva - No. 107 - Forestry, the environment and man's needs

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Vol. 27 (1)

Winter 1974/75

An international journal of forestry and forest industries

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Rome

by Frank Fraser Darling

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Policy making - a new view education - South America agri-silviculture - Asia

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Guide for planning pulp and paper enterprises

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Primarily intended for the assistance of public and private sectors in developing countries planning pulp and paper projects and bringing mills into production. A study which provides readers with a basic understanding of


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Table of Contents

Frank Fraser Darling
Forestry the environment and man's needs

K.F.S. King
Forest policies and national development

José R.E. Bucarey
Forestry in south America: Education and the future

Krit Samapuddhi
Thailand's forest villages

Gerardo Budowski
Scientific imperialism

An Australian report
Explaining forestry to forest users

H. Tschinkel
Measuring soil moisture stress

The world of forestry

Broad programme set for FAO/IUFRO meeting on forest diseases and insects
Discussing tropical forestry in the United Kingdom and West Africa
The International Union of Societies of Foresters is growing
Experience with immobilized deer and aggression

Legislation: New and amended


Development of human resources and employment stressed by FAO committee

Books and reports


World Forestry Day
Agri-silviculture: More work needed

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