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This book represents the proceedings of the FAO international technical conference dedicated to Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries (ABDC-10) that took place in Guadalajara, Mexico on 1-4 March 2010. A major objective of the conference was to take stock of the application of biotechnologies across the different food and agricultural sectors in developing countries, in order to learn from the past and to identify options for the future to face the challenges of food insecurity, climate change and natural resource degradation.

The proceedings are organized in two main sections. The first section contains ten chapters with an extensive series of FAO background documents prepared before ABDC-10. They focus on the current status and options for biotechnologies in developing countries in crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries/aquaculture and food processing/safety, as well as on related policy issues and options, in particular about targeting agricultural biotechnologies to the poor; enabling research and development (R&D) for agricultural biotechnologies; and ensuring access to the benefits of R&D.

The second section contains five chapters dedicated to the outcomes of ABDC-10, namely the reports from 27 parallel sessions of sectoral, cross-sectoral and regional interest, most of which were organized by different intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations and regional fora; keynote presentations; and the conference report adopted by delegates in Guadalajara on the final day.


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Chapter 1: Current Status and Options for Crop
Biotechnologies in Developing Countries
Chapter 2: Current Status and Options for Forest Biotechnologies in Developing Countries
Chapter 3: Current Status and Options for Livestock Biotechnologies in Developing Countries
Chapter 4: Current Status and Options for Biotechnologies in Aquaculture and Fisheries in Developing Countries
Chapter 5: Current Status and Options for Biotechnologies in Food Processing and in Food Safety in Developing Countries
Chapter 6: Learning from the Past: Successes and Failures with Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries over the Last 20 Years - An E-Mail Conference
Chapter 7: Targeting Agricultural Biotechnologies to the Poor
Chapter 8: Enabling R&D for Agricultural Biotechnologies
Chapter 9: Ensuring Access to the Benefits of R&D
Chapter 10: Agricultural Biotechnologies for Food Security and Sustainable Development: Options for Developing Countries and Priorities for Action for the International Community

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Chapter 11: Summary Reports of Sector-Specific Parallel Sessions
Chapter 12: Summary Reports of Cross-Sectoral Parallel Sessions
Chapter 13: Summary Reports of Regional Parallel Sessions
Chapter 14: Keynote Presentations
Chapter 15: ABDC-10 Report


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