Farming the Waters for People and Food Proceedings of the
Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010

Farming the Waters for People and Food

Rohana P. Subasinghe
J. Richard Arthur
Devin M. Bartley
Sena S. De Silva
Matthias Halwart
Nathanael Hishamunda
C. V. Mohan
Patrick Sorgeloos


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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,
Rome, Italy, 2012

Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
Bangkok, Thailand 2012


FAO/NACA, 2012. Farming the Waters for People and Food.
R.P. Subasinghe, J.R. Arthur, D.M. Bartley, S.S. De Silva, M. Halwart, N. Hishamunda, C.V. Mohan & P. Sorgeloos, (Eds.) Proceedings of the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010, Phuket, Thailand. 22-25 September 2010. FAO, Rome and NACA, Bangkok. 896 pp.

The Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010 brought together a wide-range of experts and important stakeholders and reviewed the present status and trends in aquaculture development, evaluated the progress made in the implementation of the 2000 Bangkok Declaration and Strategy, addressed emerging issues relevant to aquaculture development, assessed opportunities and challenges for future aquaculture development and built consensus on advancing aquaculture as a global, sustainable and competitive food production sector. This volume, a yet another joint effort of FAO and NACA, brings you the outcome of the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010, the much needed clear and comprehensive technical information on how aquaculture could be mobilized to alleviate global poverty and improve food and nutrition security in the coming decades.

Table of Contents

From the Editors
Table of contents

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Part I - Keynote Addresses


Keynote Address 1 - Aquaculture and sustainable nutrition security in a warming planet
M.S. Swaminathan

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Keynote Address 2 - Global aquaculture development since 2000: progress made in implementing the Bangkok Declaration and strategy for aquaculture development beyond 2000
Jia Jiansan

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Part II - Invited Guest Lectures


Invited Guest Lecture 1 - Is feeding fish with fish a viable practice?
Ulf N. Wijkström

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Invited Guest Lecture 2 - The potential of nutrient-rich small fish species in aquaculture to improve human nutrition and health
Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted

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Invited Guest Lecture 3 - Climate change impacts: challenges for aquaculture
Sena S. De Silva

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Part III – Expert Panel Reviews


Expert Panel Review 1.1 - Responsible use of resources for sustainable aquaculture
B.A. Costa-Pierce, D.M. Bartley, M. Hasan, F. Yusoff, S.J. Kaushik, K. Rana, D. Lemos, P. Bueno
and A. Yakupitiyage

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Expert Panel Review 1.2 - Novel and emerging technologies: can they contribute to improving aquaculture sustainability?
Craig L. Browdy, Gideon Hulata, Zhanjiang Liu, Geoff L. Allan, Christina Sommerville, Thales Passos de Andrade, Rui Pereira, Charles Yarish, Muki Shpige, Thierry Chopin, Shawn Robinson, Yoram Avnimelech & Alessandro Lovatelli

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Expert Panel Review 1.3 - Aquaculture feeds: addressing the long-term sustainability of the sector
A.G.J. Tacon, M.R. Hasan, G. Allan, A.-F.M. El-Sayed, A. Jackson, S.J. Kaushik, W-K. Ng, V. Suresh & M.T. Viana

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Expert Panel Review 2.1 - Improving aquaculture governance: what is the status and options?
Nathanael Hishamunda, Neil Ridler, Pedro Bueno, Ben Satia, Blaise Kuemlangan, David Percy, Geoff Gooley, Cecile Brugere and Sevaly Sen

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Expert Panel Review 2.2 - Review on aquaculture’s contribution to socio-economic development: enabling policies, legal framework and partnership for improved benefits
Junning Cai, Curtis Jolly, Nathanael Hishamunda, Neil Ridler, Carel Ligeon and PingSun Leung

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Expert Panel Review 2.3 - Investment, insurance and risk management for aquaculture development
Clem Tisdell, Nathanael Hishamunda, Raymon van Anrooy, Tipparat Pongthanapanich and Maroti Arjuna Upare

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Expert Panel Review 3.1 - Promoting responsible use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity for sustainable aquaculture development
John A.H. Benzie, Thuy T.T. Nguyen, Gideon Hulata, Devin Bartley, Randall Brummett, Brian Davy, Matthias Halwart, Uthairat Na-Nakorn and Roger Pullin

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Expert Panel Review 3.2 - Addressing aquaculture-fisheries interactions through the implementation of the ecosystem approach to aquaculture (EAA)
Doris Soto, Patrick White, Tim Dempster, Sena De Silva, Alejandro Flores, Yannis Karakassis, Gunnar Knapp, Javier Martinez, Weimin Miao, Yvonne Sadovy, Eva Thorstad and Ronald Wiefels

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Expert Panel Review 3.3 - Improving biosecurity: a necessity for aquaculture sustainability
M. Hine, S. Adams, J.R. Arthur, D. Bartley, M.G. Bondad-Reantaso, C. Chávez, J.H. Clausen, A. Dalsgaard, T. Flegel, R. Gudding, E. Hallerman, C. Hewitt, I. Karunasagar, H. Madsen, C.V. Mohan, D. Murrell, R. Perera, P. Smith, R. Subasinghe, P.T. Phan and R. Wardle

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Expert Panel Review 4.1 - Facilitating market access for producers: addressing market access requirements, evolving consumer needs, and trends in product development and distribution
Jonathan Banks, Audun Lem, James A. Young, Nobuyuki Yagi, Atle Guttormsen, John Filose, Dominique Gautier, Thomas Reardon, Roy Palmer, Ferit Rad, Jim Anderson and Nicole Franz

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Expert Panel Review 4.2 - Market-based standards and certification in aquaculture
Lahsen Ababouch

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Expert Panel Review 4.3 - Organic aquaculture: the future of expanding niche markets
Mark Prein, Stefan Bergleiter, Marcus Ballauf, Deborah Brister, Matthias Halwart, Kritsada Hongrat, Jens Kahle, Tobias Lasner, Audun Lem, Omri Lev, Catherine Morrison, Ziad Shehadeh, Andreas Stamer and Alexandre A. Wainberg

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Expert Panel Review 5.1 - Investing in knowledge, communications and training/extension for responsible aquaculture
F. Brian Davy, Doris Soto, B. Vishnu Bhat, N.R. Umesh, Gucel Yucel-Gier, Courtney A.M. Hough, Derun Yuan, Rodrigo Infante, Brett Ingram, N.T. Phoung, Simon Wilkinson and Sena S. De Silva

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Expert Panel Review 5.2 - Servicing the aquaculture sector: role of state and private sectors
Michael Phillips, William Collis, Harvey Demaine, Alex Flores-Nava, Dominique Gautier, Courtney Hough, Le Thanh Luu, Zuridah Merican, P.A. Padiyar, Roy Palmer, Jharendu Pant, Tim Pickering, Paddy Secretan and N.R. Umesh

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Expert Panel Review 5.3 - Progressing aquaculture through virtual technology and decision-support tools for novel management
J.G. Ferreira, J. Aguilar-Manjarrez, C. Bacher, K. Black, S.L. Dong, J. Grant, E. Hofmann, J. Kapetsky, P.S. Leung, R. Pastres, Ø. Strand and C.B. Zhu

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Expert Panel Review 6.1 - Protecting small-scale farmers: a reality within a globalized economy?
Rohana Subasinghe, Imtiaz Ahmad, Laila Kassam, Santhana Krishnan, Betty Nyandat, Arun Padiyar, Michael Phillips, Melba Reantaso, Weimin Miao and Koji Yamamoto

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Expert Panel Review 6.2 - Alleviating poverty through aquaculture: progress, opportunities and improvements
David C. Little, Benoy K. Barman, Ben Belton, Malcolm C. Beveridge, Simon J. Bush, Lionel Dabaddie, Harvey Demaine, Peter Edwards, M. Mahfujul Haque, Ghulam Kibria, Ernesto Morales, Francis J. Murray, William A. Leschen, M.C. Nandeesha, and Fatuchri Sukadi

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Expert Panel Review 6.3 - Sustaining aquaculture by developing human capacity and enhancing opportunities for women
M.J. Williams, R. Agbayani, R. Bhujel, M.G. Bondad-Reantaso, C. Brugere, P.S. Choo, J. Dhont, A. Galmiche-Tejeda, K. Ghulam, K. Kusakabe, D. Little, M.C. Nandeesha, P. Sorgeloos, N. Weeratunge, S. Williams and P. Xu

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Expert Panel Review 6.4 - Supporting farmer innovations, recognizing indigenous knowledge and disseminating success stories
Mudnakudu C. Nandeesha, Matthias Halwart, Ruth García Gómez, Carlos Alfonso Alvarez, Tunde Atanda, Ram Bhujel, R. Bosma, N.A. Giri, Christine M. Hahn, David Little, Pedro Luna, Gabriel Márquez, R. Ramakrishna, Melba Reantaso, N.R. Umesh, Humberto Villareal, Mwanja Wilson and Derun Yuan

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Part IV - Phuket Consensus

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