Unasylva No. 239

Unasylva No. 239
Vol. 63, 2012/1

The power of forests

Rome, 2012

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Editor: A. Sarre
Editorial Advisory Board:
P. Csoka, L. Flejzor, T. Hofer, F. Kafeero, W. Kollert, E. Rametsteiner, S. Rose, A. Sarre, J. Tissari, P. van Lierop, P. Vantomme, M.L. Wilkie
Emeritus Advisers:
J. Ball, I.J. Bourke, C. Palmberg-Lerche, L. Russo
Regional Advisers:
F. Bojang, P. Durst, M. Saket


FAO's Global Forest Resources Assessment products
Download - 306kb

Download - 164kb

Repositioning forests in development
J.R. Matta and L. Schweitzer Meins
Download - 424kb

The forest sector's contribution to a "low carbon, green growth" vision in the Republic of Korea
D.K. Lee
Download - 614kb

Forest certification and the green economy
M.K. Muthoo
Download - 463kb

Addressing the safety of forest workers
C. Peirano
Download - 698kb

Integrating forestry, sustainable cattle-ranching and landscape restoration
Z. Calle, E. Murgueitio and J. Chará
Download - 750kb

Finding the money for tropical forest restoration
P.H.S. Brancalion, R.A.G. Viani, B.B.N. Strassburg and R.R. Rodrigues

Download - 692kb

The role of community forest management in REDD+
M. Skutsch and M.K. McCall

Download - 451kb

Ensuring that women benefit from REDD+
A. Setyowati

Download - 572kb

Sustainable forest irrigation in arid and semi-arid zones
A. Del Lungo

Download - 320kb

Implementing an action plan to tackle timber illegality
R. Simpson, S. Lemaitre and A. Whiteman

Download - 600kb

International Year of Forests special:
Forest through your lens
Download - 583kb

FAO Forestry
Download - 400kb

World of Forestry
Download - 309kb

Download - 428kb

E-learning course:
"Introducing Good practices for forest health protection"
Download - 135kb

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Cover photo: Kindergarten children do a stretching exercise during a visit to a forest in the Republic of Korea.
FAO/FO-7393/Beomtae Kim.

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