FC 108/15

Finance Committee

Hundred and Eighth Session

Rome, 27 September – 1 October 2004

Progress Report on Human Resources Management Issue

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Background

Annex I

Annex II



I. Executive Summary

1. The purpose of this paper is to inform the Committee of recent progress in implementation of the Human Resources Action Plan (ref. FC 97/15). It is noted that, while some objectives have been successfully accomplished, much remains to be done. The implementation of the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) continues to be a critical component in many of these activities.

Draft Decision

2. The Committee took note of the information provided in document FC 108/15 regarding progress on human resources management issues.

II. Background

3. Pursuant to the request made by the Finance Committee at its Ninety-ninth Session, the Human Resources Management Division (AFH) developed a progress report on human resources (HR) management issues being addressed by the Organization to attain, inter alia, the specific objectives of the human resources function contained in the FAO Strategic Framework. This report was initially presented to the Committee at its Hundred and second Session held in May 20031/, with an updated progress report submitted subsequently to the Hundred and fourth Session of the Committee in September 20032/.

4. In accordance with the Committee’s request, the progress reports are formulated in a tabular format and provide projected timelines, defined baselines, performance indicators as well as comments assessing the status of progress achieved to date. Although it was agreed at the Hundred and second Session that these reports would be presented on a biennial basis at the Committee’s first session in each biennium, it is noted that, in the light of the heavy agenda tabled at the Committee’s first session for this year, it was decided to submit the updated progress report to the September session of the Committee.

5. The attached table (Annex I) provides a further update of the last progress report prepared by the secretariat for the Committee. The Committee may wish to note that, with respect to the issues and activities related to the establishment of a supportive working environment within FAO, several of the policies mentioned in the previous report have been implemented (such as Teleworking and Spouse Employment) or endorsed (such as Paternity Leave). The Human Resources Management Division continues to formulate policies with the aim of ensuring that the Organization adheres to the Work/Family Agenda endorsed in 1995 by the former Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC), now the Chief Executives Board on Coordination (CEB).

6. Target dates have been indicated for most activities contained in the report. As was highlighted to the Committee at its Hundred and fourth Session, these target dates are subject to the availability of resources to deliver the programmes. Furthermore, in the absence of an operational Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and given the limited resources available, the deadlines are indicative and may be subject to revision. In this connection, it is recalled that work on the HRMS has commenced on a phased approach and is expected to be fully implemented by 2006.

7. Lastly, it is recalled that the Committee requested that more comprehensive statistics, including a breakdown of professional and general service staff by region, nationality, gender and grade level, be submitted to the Committee at its September 2004 session. Annex II to this paper responds to this request.


1 / FC 102/23

2 / FC 104/15


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