Thirty-fourth Session
The Director-General's
Programme Implementation Report 2004-05

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Table of Contents

Director-Generals Foreward

Executive Summary

Organizational Performance

Evolution of Total Resources (including arrears)

Cost of Field Programme Support

Efficiency Savings - progress

FAO Language Policy

Geographical Representation and Gender Balance of Professional Staff


Summary of Programme Implementation

Summary of Programme Implementation

Chapter 1: General Policy and Direction

Chapter 2: Technical and Economic Programmes

Major Programme 2.1: Agricultural Production and Support Systems

Major Programme 2.2: Food and Agriculture Policy and Development

Major Programme 2.3: Fisheries

Major Programme 2.4: Forestry

Major Programme 2.5: Contributions to Sustainable Development and Special Programme Thrusts

Chapter 3: Cooperation and Partnerships

Chapter 4: Technical Cooperation Programme

Chapter 5: Support Services

Chapter 6: Common Services

Corporate Level PAIAs Achievements

Annex I - Completion of 2004-05 Outputs by Programme

Annex II - Geographical Representation of Professional Staff

Annex III - Report on Unscheduled and Cancelled Sessions (1 January 2004 - 31 December 2005)