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Land use

Considering predominant land use as a criterion for defining a forest will have implications for negotiations, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Applying the forest definition of the MA could considerably increase the total forest area affected by an agreement. Appendix 2 lists agroforestry systems ranging from quasi closed forests to croplands with sparse trees, covering about 400 Mha worldwide12. The difficulties of monitoring such very diverse areas and estimating carbon losses within a certain confidence interval would increase over-proportionally with the areas included.

Supporting terms

Related terms and definitions are found in the glossary (Annex I): tree, shrub, primary forest, modified natural forest, semi-natural forest, managed forest, planted forest, forest plantation, agro-forestry, other wooded land, other land, other land with tree cover, open forest, closed forest, fallow systems, fragmented forest, urban forest.

Issues and choices

12 with an average carbon storage of 9, 21, 50,and 63 t C / ha in semiarid, sub-humid, humid and temperate regions, respectively (Montagnini and Nair, 2004).

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