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Graham, J. (ed.), Planning and engineering data. 3. Fish freezing. FAO Fish.Circ., (771):126 p.1984

FAO Fisheries Circular (FAO Fish.Circ.)

A vehicle for distribution of short or ephemeral notes, lists, etc., including provisional versions of documents to be issued later in other series.


Fish freezing is one of the methods most used for processing fish and other edible aquatic products. Fish-freezing. industry and frozen fish products are very well known on all world markets. A flourishing fish-freezing industry (shrimp, lobster, etc.) in many developing countries was a boom during the last 10 years with wide possibilities for increasing production and export which, in many countries, is the main source of foreign currency.

This document is published for planning, elaboration of feasibility studies, operations of fish processing before freezing, during freezing, storing and transporting of frozen products. This document will provide the industry, especially in developing countries, with a practical up-to-date data of a technical and economic nature. It should be also suitable for use in governmental offices, specialized schools (training courses), etc. Main subjects covered concern raw material and its preparation for freezing, source of cold, processing equipment, packaging material, storage conditions and equipment, management of cold stores, construction of cold stores, transportation, as well as costing and case studies. It also includes diagrams, schemes, figures, tables and numerical data related to the subject.