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The premature death of Jean Carroz, at the height of his accomplishments and professional stature, was an immense loss to the Organization and to the international community. He had served the United Nations system for nearly 30 years, the greater part with FAO, with exceptional dedication and skill.

He had, in fact, decided to retire, to live in his second home in Asia, among the gentle people he had served for so many years. Instead, with typical self-sacrifice and sense of duty and loyalty, he accepted from me the task of organizing, as Secretary-General, the 1984 FAO World Conference on Fisheries Management and Development. Jean Carroz brought to that task and to his subsequent assignment as Assistant Director-General (Fisheries) his enormous capacity for work, for precision and intellectual honesty, and for achieving a consensus which satisfied diverse opinions and aspirations. The outstanding success of that important Conference is perhaps his most fitting memorial.

As a colleague and collaborator he was completely reliable and indefatigable, always highly professional and competent, an outstanding example as an international civil servant. He was a perfectionist in all his endeavours - brilliantly plurilingual, a highly accomplished pianist and photographer. As a man, he was private and self-effacing, but with great humanity and a rare sense of humour.

Jean Carroz and his contribution to world fisheries will be long remembered by his colleagues and friends, in all quarters of the world. I welcome this collection of essays as a most appropriate and permanent tribute to his life and accomplishments.

Edouard Saouma

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